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22 Sep 16 18 May 19

About The Manson Unit

The Manson Unit is a team of specialists who work to improve the quality of MSF’s medical work and to achieve change on major medical issues in humanitarian settings. The unit is made up of a number of teams and hosts several long term projects.


Emerging and Infectious Disease

Epidemiology and Public Health Intelligence 

The Epidemiology-Public Health Intelligence (EPHI) team brings together specialists in epidemiology, public health, eHealth and geographic information systems (GIS) / mapping (including the Missing Maps project). The team supports field teams and HQ colleagues to collect, analyse and display data and evidence, and then to use these results in decision-making. 

Social Sciences

Research and Innovation

The Research and Innovation team drives a number of initiatives and systems, including ReMIT, the MSF Scientific Days, the Sapling Nursery, as well as providing direct research and innovation support to field teams and medical specialists from across MSF. To find out more you can follow @MSFSci and @MSF_Innovation on twitter, sign up for our weekly medical press review or visit the MSF Innovation Blog.



TB PRACTECAL is a cutting edge clinical trial, run by MSF, evaluating new approaches to combatting drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB). Find out more, here.

Global Health and Humanitarian Medicine course (GHHM)

The GHHM course is a part-time, online and/or classroom-based course run by MSF that provides affordable, global access to high quality education in tropical medicine. Find out more, here.

Health Information Systems (HIS)

The HIS Project team are developing and rolling out a new health information system across MSF field projects across the world.