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Global Health Review

28th July was World Hepatitis Day, and in PLOS NTDs, MSF argues that hepatitis E should be recognised as a neglected tropical disease in a bid to reduce the burden of this treatable, preventable disease on the most vulnerable subtropical populations. The Lancet Global Health includes a recalculation of WHO’s cost projections for reaching health-related Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 to include the ambitious scenario of eliminating viral hepatitis as a public health threat.

In Trans RSTM&H, MSF authors contribute to an article comparing tuberculosis treatment between private and public health care sectors in Kenya; the journal also announces a new article type: “lessons from the field”. In PLOS ONE, MSF contributes to an analysis detailing the burden of severe febrile illness in sub-Saharan Africa, and in Conflict & Health, MSF explores the perceptions and understanding of social support among asylum seekers receiving care from mental health programmes on Lesvos Island, Greece. 

MSF co-authors a letter published in The Lancet, responding to a previously published meta-analysis on treatment outcomes for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; the respondents highlight limitations and the potential for over-interpretation of the analysis. Finally, new findings presented in NEJM highlight an increased risk of neural tube defects in infants born to HIV-positive mothers exposed to dolutegravir at conception as compared to other antiretrovirals. 

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Call for papers

PLOS Medicine • Call for papers: Special Issue: Refugee and Migrant Health



The Lancet • ***MENTIONS MSF*** World Report: Ebola outbreak declared a PHEIC, world waits for next steps

The Lancet Inf. Dis. • ***MENTIONS MSF*** Newsdesk: Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: 1 year on

NEJM • ***MENTIONS MSF*** Special Report: The Ongoing Ebola Epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2018–2019



BMJ Opinion • ***MSF AUTHOR*** Blog: Els Torreele: The search for new antibiotics—market based solutions are not the answer

Neglected tropical & other infectious diseases

PLOS ONE • ***MSF AUTHORS*** Article: Quantifying the incidence of severe-febrile-illness hospital admissions in sub-Saharan Africa

The Lancet Global Health • Article: Reassessment of the prevalence of soil-transmitted helminth infections in Sri Lanka to enable a more focused control programme: a cross-sectional national school survey with spatial modelling and comment

PLOS NTDs • Article: Estimated incidence and Prevalence of noma in north central Nigeria, 2010–2018: A retrospective study

Trans. RSTM&H • Article: Factors predicting the severity of dengue in patients with warning signs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1986–2012)

Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease • Editorial: Dengue in Honduras and the Americas: The epidemics are back!

TM&IH • Review: Individual and household exposures associated with cholera transmission in case‐control studies: a systematic review



The Lancet • ***MSF AUTHORS*** Correspondence: Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Trans. RSTM&H • ***MSF AUTHOR*** Article: Tuberculosis control activities in the private and public health sectors of Kenya from 2013 to 2017: how do they compare? 


Maternal and child health


Trans. RSTM&H • Article: Unimproved water sources and open defecation are associated with active trachoma in children in internally displaced persons camps in the Darfur States of Sudan



NEJM • Perspective: Health Care Autonomy of Women Living with HIV

NEJM • Article: Neural-Tube Defects and Antiretroviral Treatment Regimens in Botswanaand comment

NEJM • Article: Dolutegravir plus Two Different Prodrugs of Tenofovir to Treat HIV

• Article: Dolutegravir-Based or Low-Dose Efavirenz–Based Regimen for the Treatment of HIV-1

The Lancet Inf. Dis. • Article: Adjunctive sertraline for HIV-associated cryptococcal meningitis: a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind phase 3 trial and comment

The BMJ • News: Depo-Provera: WHO set to review guidance on use by women at high HIV risk

PLOS Medicine • Article: Adherence clubs and decentralized medication delivery to support patient retention and sustained viral suppression in care: Results from a cluster-randomized evaluation of differentiated ART delivery models in South Africa


PLOS NTDs • ***MSF AUTHORS*** Article: Hepatitis E should be considered a neglected tropical disease

The Lancet Global Health • Article: Additional resource needs for viral hepatitis elimination through universal health coverage: projections in 67 low-income and middle-income countries, 2016–30

The Lancet Global Health • Article: Effect of voluntary licences for hepatitis C medicines on access to treatment: a difference-in-differences analysis

The Lancet Global Health • Comment: Pricing viral hepatitis as part of universal health coverage

The Lancet Global Health • Comment: Antiviral treatment for hepatitis C: rebalancing cost, affordability, and availability



The Lancet Inf. Dis. • Article: Efficacy and safety of intermittent preventive treatment and intermittent screening and treatment versus single screening and treatment with dihydroartemisinin–piperaquine for the control of malaria in pregnancy in Indonesia: a cluster-randomised, open-label, superiority trial and comment

The Lancet Inf. Dis. • Article: Determinants of dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine treatment failure in Plasmodium falciparum malaria in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam: a prospective clinical, pharmacological, and genetic study and comment

Malaria Journal • Article: Factors associated with uptake of optimal doses of intermittent preventive treatment for malaria among pregnant women in Uganda: analysis of data from the Uganda Demographic and Health Survey, 2016


Conflict, migration, and health

Conflict and Health • ***MSF AUTHOR*** Article: In island containment: a qualitative exploration of social support systems among asylum seekers in a mental health care programme on Lesvos Island, Greece

BMJ Opinion • ***MENTIONS MSF*** Blog: Abi Rimmer: Refugee and migrant health—leaving no one behind


Climate change

BMJ Opinion • Blog: Alex Armitage: Hunger strike for climate justice


Global health

The Lancet • Comment: Global partnerships and the Chief Medical Officer's 2019 annual report

BMJ Global Health • Commentary: The problem of ‘trickle-down science’ from the Global North to the Global South

BMJ Global Health • Practice: Priority setting for new systematic reviews: processes and lessons learned in three regions in Africa

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