22 Sep 16 09 Apr 20

Wacky and creative

I think we can all agree that no idea is considered too wacky, so if you'd like to flex your mental muscles then we're all ears.

We've seen some inspiring and imaginative fundraisers over the past few years all aiming to do something a little more original in support os MSF. Here are a few of our favourites to get you thinking.

A dare-a-day

Mandy Mission PossibleThroughout the whole of 2014, Mandy here decided to carry out a dare-a-day and aptly named it Mission Possible!

Some of the challenges included eating a sachet of cat food, cycling 12 hours non-stop and busking in her local high street as Elvis.

Mandy's year of dares raised an incredible £15,658 in support of our work. That could treat up to 27,884 people with malaria.

Art exhibition for MSF

Issam Kourbaj Another Day LostSince 2011, Issam Kourbaj has been making work inspired by the terrible crisis in Syria.

As part of these works he has been raising awareness and money for MSF through half a dozen group exhibitions, including Unearthed (2014) and Another Day Lost (2015).

So far Issam has raised £7,061 in support of our work. That could buy 37 basic surgery kits enabling MSF surgeons to carry out surgery in a crisis zone.

Dress to impress

Sara dress to impress for MSFReluinquishing control of your wardrobe is perhaps a bold idea, but that's exactly what Sara did for two whole weeks.

She bravely decided to allow her children to choose her outfits and asked her family, friends and colleagues for sponsorship.

Sara raised £171 for MSF, which buys enough Ready-to-use therapeutic food to treat 22 malnourished children.

“I wanted to do something different, that I could involve my children with, and that would cause people to stop and wonder: 'Why is she wearing that?' They were really proud of helping to raise money for MSF”

Do you have an idea?

Then please get in touch with us, we'd love to talk your idea through with you and support you in any way we can.