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Fundraising resources

We know that as well as your event or challenge, that fundraising can be difficult. With that in mind we've put together some MSF downloadable resources to help you on your way.

All are designed to help you explain why supporting our work is so important.

your easy to use resources

If you haven't done already, it's worth checking out our easy to follow Fundraising Guide for tips on making the most of your fundraising campaign.

Downloadable posters

MSF Fundraising posters and leaflets

Our information-packed posters are useful for explaining what MSF does and how we respond to emergencies. You’ll also find a collection of editable posters for publicising your own challenge or event.

Click 'download posters' and a new window will open up taking you to MSF's Google Drive, you can then preview and download any of the MSF posters.

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Literature, collection boxes and stickers

MSF literature and boxes

If you need a collection box, stickers, leaflets, banners and many other fundraising materials then please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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MSF fundraising resources photos

Photos often tell stories words cannot. We work with some amazing photographers who capture those stories and a selection are available for you to download.

Click 'download photos' and a new window will open up taking you to MSF's Google Drive, you can then preview and download any of the MSF photos. You'll also find a document with information on the photos.

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Facebook and Twitter banners

MSF Facebook image

You'd be amazed how many people don't know about MSF’s work. Handily a great way to spread the word is through social, so help us do this by using these Twitter and Facebook banners during your campaign.

Click 'download banners' and a new window will open up taking you to MSF's Google Drive, you can then preview and download the banners.

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Our selection of short videos are a great way to tell people about MSF. Here are some of the most inspiring for you to watch and share. You can also find these and many more on our YouTube channel.

To share these videos, click the share icon in the top right corner of the video.

MSF in 40 seconds

Tell your supporters who we are and what we do in just 40 seconds.

The power of small

Small things matter. Small can be powerful. Giving something to MSF, however small, means we can reach those people in the greatest need.

Ordinary Day

Follow the sights, sounds and experiences of MSF's expert staff as they make extraordinary efforts to ensure people in real need get quality emergency medical care.

2017 Year in Focus

In 2017, over 34,000 MSF staff worked in 69 countries all over the world. Without their dedication and the support of you, we couldn’t do this.

Feature films

MSF feature filmsFilm nights are a great way to recruit new supporters and raise valuable funds for our work.

We have a wide selection of films available which help to tell the story of our work, through the eyes of staff and patients.

If you would like to see the selection please click here.


Do you need a speaker?

If you are organising an event where you'd like someone from MSF to talk, then please complete this form.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Then get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you and will do all we can to help in your fundraising efforts. You can email us here.