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Teaching resources for GCSE and A Level Spanish

Engaging and interactive resources for GCSE Spanish. These are free and can be downloaded for use in the classroom with intermediate Spanish speakers.

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GCSE resources

El mundo laboral

Structured around the above video, these activities allow students to practise listening comprehension, writing and speaking.

¿Qué es Médicos Sin Fronteras?

Structured around the above video, these two sets of activities allow students to practice listening comprehension, vocabulary and translation.

El mundo del trabajo y la vocacion

Drawing on a blog from a MSF administrator in Chad and guided by GCSE specifications, this resource explores study and employment through exercises covering translation, questions, vocabulary and infinitives.

A Level resources

El programa de salud mental y apoyo psicosocial

This resource looks at the importance of treating mental health in child refugee victims who are fleeing conflict. These powerful videos provide excellent listening practice with transcript and follow up writing practice.

Other videos in this exercise

Dime ¿Qué hubieras hecho tú?

This exercise looks at the situation of migrants and refugees in South and Central America.

Other videos in this exercise