22 Sep 16 14 Aug 19

Posters and leaflets

This series of posters and leaflets originally featured in Dispatches, our quarterly magazine, which gives supporters news and insights into our projects overseas.

The following is a selection we believe schools may find helpful.

The bubble operating theatre

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Bubble operating theatre, Sierra Leone

In Kabala hospital, Sierra Leone, MSF has been trialling an innovative mobile surgical space that could revolutionise the way our medical teams conduct surgery in conflict zones and in the aftermath of emergencies.

The bubble operating theatre is a portable surgical unit equipped with an air filter that provides sterile conditions for surgery. Quick to assemble, the bubble OT is easily deployed and is designed for repeated use.

3-D printed prosthetics

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MSF’s reconstructive surgery hospital in Amman, Jordan, provides specialised medical care and rehabilitation for patients wounded and disfigured in conflicts throughout the region.

In 2017, MSF introduced a 3-D printing project at the hospital to provide prosthetic upper limbs for patients.

Rapid interventions

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MSF risk kit poster

This two-sided graphic explains how MSF responds to emergencies during the first 72 hours - the lifesaving phase in a major emergency.

It takes a look at our RISK kit (Rapid Intervention Surgical Kit) that can fit in the back of an MSF Land Cruiser and be deployed within hours.

How we treat Ebola

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MSF Ebola poster

This poster explains what Ebola is and how MSF treats it. It includes an illustration of a treatment centre and shows the special protective clothing our staff wear when working inside an Ebola treatment centre.

You can also download a PowerPoint presentation about Ebola to be used in schools, giving an introduction to the disease and how MSF responds.

Inside an MSF cholera tent

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MSF Cholera poster

This poster provides a detailed illustration of a cholera treatment centre, a specialised isolation ward designed to manage and treat cholera patients.

MSF’s blow-up, plug and play hospital

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MSF hospital poster

This poster shows how mobile ‘inflatable hospitals’ developed by MSF act as fully functioning medical facilities during conflicts or in the aftermath of natural disasters.

King of the road – the MSF Land Cruiser

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MSF Landcruiser poster

This poster explains how MSF relies on this sturdy workhorse. Anna Kent, a midwife, describes the onboard equipment the Land Cruisers are kitted out with to transform them into ambulances. The reverse of the leaflet provides cut-outs for pupils to make their own ambulances.