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Fundraising guide

Thanks to your incredible fundraising efforts we are able to carry out our lifesaving work around the world, helping those people who need it the most. Our work really couldn't happen without you.

To help you we've put together this quick-start guide, so that raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has never been easier.

We've also launched a virtual fundraising guide with some amazing ideas for you to help us raise money to support our coronavirus crisis appeal whilst your at home.

Your quick start guide

1. Decide what you'd like to do

Not decided what you'd like to do yet? Then be inspired by some of our amazing fundraisers. Maybe you can join the list?

We've come up with some

2. Get started

We suggest following these easy five steps to kick off your campaign.

i. Get in touch with our fundraising team
We’d love to hear what you’re planning and we’ll help support you and spread the word.

ii. Set up a JustGiving page
This will make it easy for your friends and family to donate online and by text. Visit the MSF JustGiving page to set up your own fundraising page.

iii. Ask close family and friends to make the first donations
Donations from generous family and friends will give your campaign a kickstart. To inspire you show them what their donation will buy with our handy; fact sheet.

iv. Send your first email
Often the most successful fundraisers use email to reach out to their supporters. We've put together a draft email for you to use so that you can tell your family, friends and colleagues why their support is so important. You can see the draft email here.

v. Fundraising at work?
We've also put together some ideas to help you fundraise in your workplace.

vi. Tell the world about your campaign
Use your social networks to spread the word, with the help of these powerful images and Twitter and Facebook backgrounds. You can also find some great videos and posters in our resources section.

3. Keep going and finish strong

Use our tips to help spread the word and reach your fundraising target.

i. Send a follow-up email
We're all busy and often need reminding, so we've put together a draft email to help you get the attention of your supporters again.

ii. Keep your community updated
Regular status update reminds your friends why you are fundraising. Why not post a photo of your preparation for the big event?

iii. Hitting your target can be tough
But don't panic, if you’re building up to a big event you could plan some smaller fundraising activities alongside. Hosting a dinner party or holding a cake sale or raffle are great ways to raise money – and give you a chance to thank your friends for their support.

iv. Thank your supporters
Sounds obvious but it's essential and as up to 20 percent of donations are made after an event it’s really worth giving doing. Thank your supporters and remind those who haven’t donated that their support will really make a difference. We've put together another email to do just that.

Do you need a speaker?

If you are organising an event where you'd like someone from MSF to talk, then please complete this form

Thank you from us

Finally thank you for all your hard work, effort and inspiration - we couldn't do our work without you. best of luck and if you have any questions just give us a shout.