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Yemen: "The hospital and ambulance have been hit by stray bullets"

“I don’t really know how I can describe the situation in Aden in one word other than tragic.”

These are the words of a Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) medical worker in our project in Aden, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“There are areas that are completely empty. People have evacuated them as they did not have the basic necessities of electricity, water and food, let alone the extreme deterioration of the security situation which is jeopardising their lives.

Receiving injured on a daily basis

“After evacuating their homes, some people not only lack water and food but also a place to sleep. Some knock on the doors of other people asking to stay in their house.

“Those hotels that are still functioning have received a lot of displaced people. Some rooms are occupied by one or two families.

“MSF is still present in Aden and we are still receiving injured on a daily basis. We have received hundreds of injured since the beginning of the clashes on 19 March.

“Yet we are facing many difficulties. Movement is extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous.

“Recently we have not been able to reach the Crater Health Post which we are supporting. The MSF hospital is now in the middle of the fighting.

A scene from inside our emergency surgical unit in Aden, Yemen.

MSF hospital hit by bullets

“All the time we hear bombings and airstrikes. Windows at the hospital have been broken many times.

“The hospital and the ambulance have been hit by stray bullets as snipers are present in the surrounding area and fighting is still ongoing.

“Aden has changed 180 degrees. The airport is damaged now. Many areas have been demolished.

“When you walk in the city you feel shocked and you do not believe you are in Aden. We are expecting death from anywhere and everywhere.”

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