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Send a message of support to our staff this Mother's Day

Around the world our teams are working hard to help mums deliver their babies safely. This Mother’s Day, why not send them an message of support?

Your message will be hugely appreciated and will be put up in the office for the whole team to see.

Amy and the team in Taiz Houban, Yemen

Midwife Amy

Amy is a midwife from the UK.

How did your mum inspire you?

My mother raised my brother and I as a single parent and always showed us how to be fiercely independent and resilient. I am who I am because of her.

Tell us where you’ll be working this Mother’s Day?

I’m part of the Mother & Child project in Taiz Houban in Yemen. Around eight hundred women come to the hospital to give birth every month, and we also offer ante- and post-natal care, and medical treatment for young children. Since the outbreak of war in Yemen five years ago, it’s increasingly difficult for families to access this kind of care, but it saves lives, and the whole team here is incredibly dedicated.  

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Shakiba and the team in Kabul, Afghanistan


Shakiba is a psycho-social counsellor from Afghanistan.

How did your mum inspire you?

My mum worked so hard for us – she worked in an insecure province of Afghanistan as a teacher so that we could have a good future and a good life, and now we do. Everything I have is because of her, and only a mum could have done it.

Tell us where you’ll be working this Mother’s Day?

I work at the hospital in Dasht-e-Barchi, where MSF supports the maternity and neonatology departments. Last year the team helped deliver more than 16,000 babies! The neighbourhood is home to over a million people, so the services here really are vital.

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BEN and the team in BANGUI, Central African Republic

Ben in Bangui

Ben is a logistician from the UK.

How did your mum inspire you?

My mum was a doctor for the A&E in Portsmouth, the head of the governors at our school and helped to run the local cub scout group. On top of that she was doing a distance learning course and raising four boys. I’m probably a handful at the best of times, but multiply that by four… That’s why my mum’s inspiring.

Tell us where you’ll be working this Mother’s Day?

I’m working at Castor’s Maternity project in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic. Being a logistician means making sure a project has all the practical things it needs to function – from vehicles and equipment to security protocols.

As well as being a safe place to give birth, mums who come here also have access to family planning and ante- and post-natal care. The team at Castors are incredibly experienced and ensure that women still get high quality, often life-saving care.

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