For over 40 years, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has helped people in need. Our teams deliver world-class medical care and humanitarian aid to people caught up in conflicts, emergencies, disaster and epidemics. We act fast and go where the need is greatest.

In over 60 countries, MSF provides both life-saving emergency relief and longer-term assistance to make healthcare services available to the most vulnerable or excluded communities.

We help millions of people every year and are always ready to respond to new emergencies.

Independent, neutral, impartial

We provide impartial medical assistance, on the basis of need alone – we treat people regardless of ethnic origin, gender, creed or political affiliation.

To maintain our ability to respond fast and our independence from political interference, MSF relies on donations from individuals around the world.

This private funding gives MSF the freedom to respond to the greatest needs as fast as possible. So, supporting us by making a donation or choosing to work for MSF can have a huge impact.

Staff and volunteers

All of our staff and volunteers – from medics working overseas to the vital support staff in offices like the UK – have a duty to try and protect our patients from violence and abuse.

As a movement, we often speak out on violations of humanitarian law against civilians in conflict, refugees and other vulnerable groups, in an attempt to bring these situations to world attention.

MSF was presented with the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.


Our office is informal and friendly, and we are all in one "open-plan" office including our Executive Director. We work closely together with our colleagues in other departments. We are part of an international movement. This means the work we do is shared around the world, and we bring ideas from other countries and put them to work in the UK. The nature of certain roles gives our staff the opportunity to visit our field projects.

There are six departments in the UK office, plus a small office in Dublin:

The UK office currently has around 78 full-time staff. We also sent 207 medical and non-medical staff to work in projects overseas during 2014. The staff in our UK office are dynamic and enthusiastic, very committed to the aims of MSF and not afraid of ‘mucking-in’ when necessary. 

MSF UK’s income for the year 2014 was in excess of £41 million with over 85 percent spent directly on our overseas medical programmes.  

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