MSF interview in South Sudan

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On 28 September, just hours before the UNSC met to discuss the implementation of resolution 2286 on the protection of medical facilities, two more MSF-supported hospitals were seriously damaged by bombing and went out of service.


Conflict-affected populations in Borno state need emergency food aid now.


MSF calls on Pfizer to match GSK’s move and offer the humanitarian community access to the lowest price available globally

Smoke billows over shelled and destroyed buildings in the Saif al Dawle district of Aleppo. 2nd October 2012.

Al Zahraa hospital has this week been the latest hospital to be damaged by an airstrike in besieged east Aleppo, where 250,000 people are now trapped in an increasingly unsustainable situation.


Thousands of people in desperate need are unable to access medical and humanitarian assistance due to ongoing fighting in South Sudan.


Despite the evacuation of MSF teams, medical activities will continue at these hospitals, although in a reduced capacity.

The aftermath of the bombing of Abs Hospital, Yemen, 15 August 2016.

Abs hospital in northwest Yemen was hit by an airstrike at 15.45 local time, 15 August 2016, killing at least 11 people and injuring at least 19.


A busy MSF-supported hospital serving a population of 70,000 people was destroyed by aerial bombing in Millis town, Idlib, Syria on Saturday 6 August.

Smoke billows over shelled and destroyed buildings in the Saif al Dawle district of Aleppo. 2nd October 2012.

Fighting has intensified over the past three weeks and the long-suffering people of Aleppo city are bearing the brunt of the devastation. Continuous aerial attacks pound the east of the city, while shelling strikes the west, causing many casualties and injuries.


More than 500,000 people are living in catastrophic and unsanitary conditions in a number of villages and towns across Borno state, northeast Nigeria, according to MSF, which is calling for the provision of emergency aid for those people in immediate danger.