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Opinion and Debate: MSF's Programme Manager in Dadaab, discusses the Kenyan government's proposal to close the refugee camp.

Opinion and Debate: Sean Healy, Access Adviser for Médecins Sans Frontières Operational Centre Amsterdam responds to the new report "Time to let go: Remaking humanitarian action for the modern era" by the Overseas Development Institute and Humanitarian Policy Group.

Opinion and Debate: Vickie Hawkins, MSF UK executive director writes as heads of state, ministers and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon meet in London to address the crisis in Syria.

Opinion and Debate: MSF's Head of Mission in Central African Republic discusses the evacuation of NGOs from Bangui and the humanitarian reaction to increased violence.

With more than 20,000 cases and 300 deaths officially reported in 2015, the measles outbreak in Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is the largest since 2011.

Opinion and Debate: MSF UK's director Vickie Hawkins argues that the World Humanitarian Summit must put the needs of people first, rather than the interests of governments.

Opinion and Debate: Jonathan Whittall argues against indifference to the suffering of Palestinian people, and in favour of the right to return for Palestinians forced to flee from their homes.

Opinion and Debate: A response to Vickie Hawkins' Opinion and Debate article: 'We are Europe - we should do better'

Opinion and Debate: Fears grow that MSF has unwittingly become associated with a new drone war that is developing around the ‘search and destroy’ military operations of the European Union in the Mediterranean

MSF UK's Vickie Hawkins in Lesbos stands by lifejackets left on the shore by newly-arrived refugees

Opinion and Debate: Vickie Hawkins, the MSF UK Executive Director, witnesses the arrival of migrants in Greece and calls on Europe to live up to its values: "The least we could do is treat those who arrive on our shores with some humanity".

Opinion and Debate: Jason Cone examines the invisible line that aid agencies, including MSF, struggle with in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: the line between complicity with Israel's occupation and a refusal not to ignore its consequences.