PRESS RELEASE: MSF strongly condemns the 28th July attack on Gaza City’s Al Shifa hospital, where an MSF surgical team is working.


Two car bombs exploded in towns in northern Syria on 26th July – one in Atmeh and the other in Azaz – causing large numbers of civilian casualties, including an MSF Syrian staff member. MSF strongly condemns these deadly attacks on civilians.

MSF doctor Tim Jagatic talks about the stigma associated with Ebola and whether or not it could spread beyond West Africa.

Opinion and Debate: The EU commissioner might be right about the 'new normal', but it isn't a reason to lose focus on saving lives argues Michiel Hofman.


Visit our projects around the world and see what we really do. This month we look to the resurgence of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, people displaced by the conflict in Central African Republic, our four missing colleagues in Democratic Republic of Congo, donating blood in Mali and migrants in Mexico.

Niger. "Mamans lumières" programme

The “Mamans Lumière” (mothers of light) are at the centre of a strategy to prevent acute malnutrition in the community itself. In the programme, families take responsibility for improving the nutritional condition of children who are at risk of suffering acute malnutrition.

Myanmar, Dawei - MSF treats first CMVR patients with oral drug

PRESS RELEASE: MSF welcomes the announcement by the Union Government of Myanmar and the Rakhine State Government that MSF will be allowed to resume operations in Rakhine State, after it was forced to halt medical activities in February

Iraq - Medical care for those displaced by fighting in areas between Dohuk and Mosul

PRESS RELEASE: Intense shelling and aerial assaults in northern and central Iraq have hit hospitals and other medical facilities, some supported by MSF, depriving civilians of much needed medical care.

Follow three MSF doctors as they patch-up the wounded and attempt to save lives during a 12-hour shift in the emergency department of Al Shifa hospital in Gaza.

HIV care in Myanmar

PRESS RELEASE: For the first time patients in Myanmar have begun to receive treatment for CMV retinitis, a neglected opportunistic disease associated with HIV/AIDS.

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine is expanding its support to the training schemes of two of the UK’s leading aid agencies: MSF and Save the Children.

Sarah Woznick is a specialist intensive care nurse. She was due to leave the mission in Gaza the day after operation “Protective Edge” began. She decided to stay on to help provide medical care.

Viral Load

PRESS RELEASE: High prices continue to represent a major barrier to affordable access of both new HIV medicines and viral load testing – which is the best way to monitor whether treatment is working – according to two reports released today.

Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip, the majority of the dead and wounded in Gaza are civilians and medical workers are also coming under fire

Iraq - Medical care for those displaced by fighting in areas between Dohuk and Mosul

With the resurgence of violence in Iraq, an increasingly desperate situation is proving challenging for MSF and local healthcare staff.