Cake sale at work

There are lots of ways to raise vital funds for MSF at your workplace. It’s a fantastic opportunity to be creative and spend time with people you may not normally work with in your office.

Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration:

Cake shop

MSF cakes

Why not get competitive and make it into a bake off? 

Dress down day

Dress down

If you work in a casual office why not have a dress like a rockstar day? Or an ugly jumper day

Gift shop

Gift shop

Why not declutter your home and get rid of some unwanted gifts and clothes?



Put some names in a hat in advance of the next big sporting event and have the winner split their proceeds with MSF.


Swear jar

Keep that pesky language at bay and collect some coins at the same time!

Work for MSF

Encourage your colleagues to donate anything from one hour to one day’s salary.

Sporty stuff

Corporate team at the MSF Fun Run
Be it running, cycling, trekking or skydiving, Skyline organises bespoke charity challenge events for corporate supporters.

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