We would like to offer our supporters some stunning photos that illustrate a place where MSF works for you to use as your desktop background.

Please feel free to send them to friends and family - all we ask is that they visit the site and read the description accompanying each image to raise some awareness of the work MSF does and the people we work with.

All of the photos you see here are by MSF staff or professional photographers (who have generously donated them to MSF).

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Kenya, North Eastern Province. Two women cover up for a dust storm whilst pulling water from a well. Photo by Dieter Telemans.

By 2006, a combination of the full or partial failure of the past three rainy seasons and the decades-long overstretching of natural resources had been devastating for the region.

"We had people at the office from dawn to dusk begging for water," explained Ibrahim Younis, emergency coordinator for MSF at the time. "Our initial aim was to provide therapeutic feeding, but when we realised how critical the water situation was, we had to quickly begin providing drinkable water to villages. Up to now we've delivered about half a million litres, but the appalling state of the roads has made this a tough task."

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