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27 Nov 18 10 Dec 19

MSF Scientific Days 2020: Aims and principles


Catalysing evidence-based improvement in the quality of care provided to patients and populations at risk in humanitarian contexts through promoting research and innovation and supporting cross-disciplinary networks and communities of practice.


Ethical: All content, from early stage innovation to in-depth medical research, shows scientific and ethical rigour in design, implementation and evaluation. This includes respect for participants and a consciousness of the potential impacts on the populations with whom we work.

Field-first: All content brings value to beneficiaries, communities and the field teams that implement this work.

Challenging: Content constructively challenges and improves quality of care rather than showcasing MSF as an organisation; Clearly stated content limitations (whether related to research or design methodologies, data, or outputs); Continuous assessment of events’ fitness for purpose and potential for improvement.

Relevant to be impactful: All content relevant to current / future MSF medical humanitarian programmes, with presenters able to link their work to real or potential impact.

Diverse: Diversity of MSF reflected by diversity of speakers, chairs, keynotes, panellists, and audience.

Accessible: Events free to attend and free to watch online (if available). All content shared post-event in an open-access manner; Clear language use, avoiding acronyms, over-complicated specialist jargon or MSF jargon.