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p/hop - knitters for MSF

P/hop is a fundraising knitting project, the proceeds of which all go directly to MSF.

As well as asking for donations in exchange for an ever increasing range of brilliant knitting patterns, donated by some very generous (and not to mention talented) designers, the p/hop project also raises money through knit swaps and knitting events.

For all the latest news, free patterns and general p/hop stuff, why not take a look at the p/hop blog!


P/hop stands for pennies per hour of pleasure. As you are knitting your free pattern, ask yourself how many hours of pleasure it gave you. How many new techniques did you learn, for free?

If you knitted from stash, how much did you save by not buying new yarn? What would all that be worth? What is the p/hop rating for what you just knitted? 10p an hour? 25p an hour?

There is no “set price” for a pattern. You can give 50p or £50 - it’s entirely up to you.

To donate to the p/hop project and help us reach our target click here to visit the JustGiving page.

Knit swap

Either have surplus knitting goods or in need of some? Once you've found your patterns you can also help raise money for MSF by using the knit swap over at (you'll need to become a member to find the group first though).

Either list the items you want to swap, or pick from those already on offer. Again we just ask you to make a donation of your choice to MSF.

Stay in the loop

As lovely and easy as downloading patterns and online swapping is, it's no match for meeting other p/hoppers in real life. Make sure to keep checking the blog to find out about the latest events, or to read about some recent outings.

All this information and much, much more can be found here, along with all of our latest free knitting patterns.

You can also find the p/hop group on here.

If you would like to donate a knitting pattern, please email