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13 Oct 16 12 Jan 17

Life on the frontline

Thinking about working overseas for MSF? Keen to understand what it's like for our staff working in projects around the world? We've put together a collection of profiles from three of our experienced staff to give you a taste.

Doctor Javid Abdelmoneim

Working with MSF had long been a dream of Javid Abdelmoneim.

Since his first mission in Iraq in 2009, Javid has worked with MSF in Haiti, South Sudan and Sierra Leone. In 2016 became a board member for MSF UK. 

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Surgeon Paul McMaster

After a long career in medicine, British surgeon Paul McMaster made a decision that most 60-something retirees wouldn't: to work in conflict and crisis zones providing medical care to those who need it most. 

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WATSAN Cokie van der Velde

Cokie van der Velde is not your typical grandmother. She has travelled to 14 countries with us, working as a logistician and a water sanitation engineer on infectious disease projects.

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Everyday Emergency: The MSF podcast

From the conflict in Syria to the refugee crisis in Europe, we talk to medical and logistical staff across MSF about working in some of the world's most extreme places. 

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Staff and patient blogs 

We feel that it's important for our staff and patients to be able to talk about their work and treatment. We set up our international blogging platform to do just that.

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