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Global Health and Humanitarian Medicine course application form 2020/21

Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2020/21 Global Health and Humanitarian Medicine course.

Important Information

The application form has four sections concluding with the personal statement. Your personal statement is comprised of eight questions.

Please take your time in answering these questions and write in full sentences. Once you start you can't save your answers.

We strongly recommend you download the application document and work on your application offline. When you're ready to submit, start the online application form.

Download the application document (pdf - 543kb)

Deadline for submitting applications is 23:59 BST on 30th April 2020

Please don't send us any additional covering letters or curriculum vitae as these won't be considered.

Face to Face or Distance Learner?

If you're based in the UK you're expected to enrol as a face to face student. If you're overseas you should enrol as a distance learner.

For online places, priority is given to applicants from outside the UK. 

This application is for GHHM UK course only. If you' re based in any of the below listed regions apply for the GHHM South Asia course.

  • Central Asia
  • South Asia
  • East Asia China
  • Middle East-South West Asia
  • Southeast Asia

How we'll use your information

MSF UK collects your personal data on this form for the sole purpose of administering the Global Health and Humanitarian Medicine Course. The data is processed under Article 6(1)(b) (performance of a contract) of the General Data Protection Regulation. It is shared only with the academic institutions providing the course. If unsuccessful in your application we will securely retain your data for one calendar year. If successful in your application we will securely retain your data for 5 years following your completion of the course, and after this will retain only basic contact information in order to maintain records of the course. You have a right to object to the processing of your data, and to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office should you feel our processing of your personal data is not compliant with the law. For full details of MSF-UK’s Privacy Policy, and how to contact us, please see our website: https://www.msf.org.uk/msf-uk-privacy-notice.

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