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01 Apr 19 17 May 19

Gender pay gap

Gender equality is a fundamental human right which MSF is committed to reflecting in its operations both internally and externally.

We operate two fair and transparent pay grade systems for our UK/IE-based and international field staff that centres around skills, equal opportunities and performance.

In 2018, we reported a mean gender pay gap of 1.8 percent and a median gender pay gap of zero percent.

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These are much lower than the anticipated UK national average of 17.1 percent and 17.9 percent respectively.

Although we have achieved an excellent result, the mean gender pay gap is still not at zero.

The factors that have contributed to this have been identified and will guide us towards achieving the goal of completely closing a gender pay gap.

We will continue to review our internal policies and procedures; focusing on recruitment and staff retention in our endeavour to reach zero percent.

Please read our Gender Pay Gap Report 2018, or download our snapshot data, to find out more about how MSF UK and Ireland are committed closing the pay gap for good.