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Field30 Attendees

Congratulations! You have been selected to attend MSF Scientific Days International (London) 2020 as a member of our Field30 group. This offer is subject to funding for international travel being provided by your home project or mission and a successful visa application (if required).

Please make sure that you follow the instructions below carefully to ensure that you are ready to travel

The event will be held at the Royal Society of Medicine, 1 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 0AE on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 May 2020.

Attendee information

We will communicate with you using the email address you have provided, including when you are in the UK. If you would prefer us to use a different one, please let us know. In addition please let us have a telephone number that we can use for messaging you in the UK. Email Us Now.

We will register all Field30 participants to attend both days of the conference (day 1 is Research Day, day 2 is Innovation Day).

Visa applications

If you will require a visa to enter the UK (please note that the UK is not in the Schengen area) complete this form for your letter of invitation. Do this as soon as possible as visas can take a long time to be granted.


The following workshops will take place around MSF Scientific Days International. You will have been informed in your invitation letter which one(s) you can attend. Please make sure you include the dates for these courses in your visa applications.

  • Data Analytics: 11 & 12 May | All Day 
  • Innovation Workshop: 12 May | All Day
  • Digital Health Workshop: 15 May | All Day
Travel & accommodation

All Field30 participants are responsible for booking their own international travel and for making their own visa applications (although we can help with a letter of invitation if you apply in good time). When planning your travel and visa application please take into account any workshops you might attend and apply for your visa for the actual days you will be in the country.

Please let us have your flight details when you have booked your travel.

MSF Scientific Days will book and pay for accommodation in central London to include your workshops. If you wish to stay longer this will be at your own expense.

Per diem will be provided each day to cover the cost of travel in London and meals not provided at the conference or workshops. This will be paid in cash on arrival.

Programme of Events


  • 24th February 2020: Complete and return your letter of invitation request (if required)