Please ensure that you have read all the other pages in the 'Work Overseas' section before proceeding with your application.

Thank you for your interest in MSF. MSF UK only accepts applications from UK residents (UK citizens and those eligible to work in the UK). If you do not live in the UK, please refer to other countries' national MSF web sites to locate the nearest office to which you can apply.

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Apply online

Due to the unpredictable nature of humanitarian work and the changing demands for human resources in the field, please consider that even though you may meet the requirements for the role you are applying for, your application may be rejected if we are currently experiencing a low demand for this particular profession. We encourage you to re-apply in the future. 

Selection of individuals for the MSF register involves the following process:


If you feel that you meet our specific requirements please apply online by clicking below and filling in our online application form.

You will need to fully complete the online application process and upload your CV and covering letter.

Your application will be screened by a Human Resources Officer and you will receive a response within one month of MSF receiving your application. 


If we think that your skills and experience match our requirements, you will be invited to attend a competency based interview at the MSF London office.

MSF has defined a number of competencies that the organisation believes are needed to achieve excellence in our work. Not all competencies are needed for each job and the decision of which competency is needed for each job is based on the specific job profile and also the function and level of responsibility associated with the job. However, there are some competencies that are required for all jobs regardless of the profile, function and level of responsibility. These are set out below:

Behavioral Flexibility

MSF Field staff are expected to be able to maintain effectiveness in achieving objectives by adapting to changing circumstances, contexts, tasks, responsibilities and people.

Results & Quality Orientation

MSF Field Staff need to have the drive and tenacity to achieve the defined objectives and to implement efficient solutions within a set time-frame, with the given resources and in accordance with the established procedures and model is a key for all MSF Field Staff. As is the will to constantly seek improvement in the performances of their own tasks and actions

Teamwork & Cooperation

MSF Field Staff must be able to collaborate, share and cooperate with others, to work together towards a common goal.

Security Awareness & Management

MSF Field Staff must be able to identify factors that influence staff and project security and to anticipate the situations that may endanger MSF’s staff, projects or premises. This is in addition to having the capacity to make decisions and the ability to define, establish and adhere to appropriate measures and regulations in accordance with MSF’s security management principles and MSF’s security policy.

Stress Management

It is vital that MSF Field Staff have the ability to maintain a positive attitude and keep personal emotions under control as well as the capacity to perform tasks in a persistently stressful or frustrating situation whilst acknowledging their own stress limits and responding appropriately.

The interview will last for approximately one hour. You will be expected to bring the following documents: 

  • Four passport photos (standard passport photos with a white background, suitable for passports and visas)
  • Valid passport 
  • Current proof of address (utility bill/bank statement from the last three months) 
  • Any relevant certificates and diplomas (originals only please)
  • UK driving licence (if you have one) 
  • List of the addresses you have lived at for the past five years, and dates you lived there
  • NMC PIN number (if you are a nurse or midwife)
  • GMC registration (if you are a medical doctor)

Applicants for some positions will be required to take a technical test. We will advise you of this in advance.

Acceptance onto MSF's register

MSF's register is a database of people available for deployment. Following a successful interview you will be accepted onto the MSF register and you will be asked to provide two satisfactory professional references, one of which will need to be from your current/most recent employer.

Please note that all applicants provisionally selected for the MSF UK register will be asked to apply for a disclosure through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a position with MSF. But you will not be able to go on mission until we have received a copy of this. Please ask if you would like to see a copy of our policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders or our disclosure handling policy.

Once on MSF's register

Once you have been accepted onto the register, you are considered available to work for MSF. It is therefore very important that you take this seriously and are VERY clear about your availability.

To prevent delays in the process of matching you to a field position, you must inform us of any changes in your availability.

Your Human Resources Officer will provide you with job descriptions and vacancy information and will match you to a position in the field. When matching you to a position, we will take into account your skills, previous experience and language skills.

It is not possible for field staff to choose a particular location to be matched to. Placements are determined by the operational needs in the field and field staff are asked to be as flexible as possible to be placed where they are most needed.

This is a competitive process as many people apply globally for a limited number of positions.

You are required to attend an induction day in our London office. Please make this a priority as it has been designed to provide you with important information about MSF UK and help you prepare for your departure.

Preparation course

Once matched to a mission, it is likely that you will be sent on a one-week preparation course known as the PPD (preparation for primary departure).

You will also have briefings in the UK office and, if appropriate, in the operational section prior to your departure to the field, followed by a full briefing on arrival in the field.

You will be employed by MSF UK on a fixed-term contract for the duration of your mission.
MSF UK is an equal opportunities employer. We value a diverse workforce and welcome applications from all sections of the community.

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