• Clinical Management Tablets

    A unique collaboration between MSF and Google to develop new technology for use at the height of the Ebola epidemic now offers huge promise to help improve medical care and save lives in a range of other humanitarian emergencies.

  • Javid holds Warrah, a young Ebola survivor, in Kailahun.

    This week marks a year since the Ebola epidemic began in Guinea and spread throughout West Africa. Since the outbreak began, more than 10,000 people have lost their lives to the disease. Here, we meet people who have survived under our care and we meet people who have helped others to recover. For some, they are both.

  • East Ukraine Conflict, Donetsk, FEB 2015

    Although fighting in eastern Ukraine has reduced since a ceasefire came into effect on 15th February, shelling continues in some areas and medical needs remain urgent on both sides of the frontline. Here, we meet some of the many people whose lives have been turned upside down because of the conflict.

  • Victims of chlorine attack

    PRESS RELEASE: A chlorine attack in the north west of Syria 16th March has killed six people and poisoned a further 70 civilians, according to reports by Syrian doctors working in the region who were contacted by MSF.





Full speech of MSF International President Dr Joanne Liu's address to the UN General Assembly.


Rainy season in CAR has led to a peak in malaria cases - the number one killer of young children in the country, which is experiencing a chronic health crisis aggravated by the recent conflict and violence.


Ane Bjøru Fjeldsæter, an MSF psychologist, after recently spending two months in Liberia shares her experience with a young patient in an MSF Ebola treatment centre.


PRESS RELEASE: A study published this week in PLOS ONE by MSF highlights the potential for social media to support patients undergoing treatment for multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis.


Recent clashes in Yemen have intensified making the situation at health facilities difficult as large numbers of wounded are received. MSF is responding to the needs of hospitals in Sanaa.


A simple, inexpensive initiative for HIV/AIDS treatment, started by MSF in 2013 in Tsholotsho district is benefiting health facilities and improving the lives of patients.


PRESS RELEASE: Investigational Ebola treatments are to be tested in West Africa for the first time as part of an international initiative to fast-track trials of the most promising drugs, for the disease that has already led to over 2,600 deaths.

Jackson K.P. Naimah, Médecins Sans Frontières, Monrovia, Liberia, statement to the UN Security Council, 18/09/2014

MSF team leader in Monrovia, Jackson K.P. Naimah, addresses a UN Security Council Emergency Session on Ebola.


This month we look at the response to the Ebola outbreak, the escape of our colleague in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the aftermath of the conflict in Gaza, and at the psychological and physical well being of refugees in Ethiopia and Uganda and those from Syria.


Opinion and Debate: Jonathan Whittall airs his concerns about the impartiality of humanitarian organisations working in Ukraine. "If humanitarian actors collaborate with only one party to the conflict this means that thousands risk not receiving the aid that they need."