HIV Testing at night in Gutu, Zimbabwe 2014

In the rural Gutu district of Zimbabwe, teams from MSF and the ministry of Health scour the countryside in search of those who need to be initiated on treatment.

MSF has opened two Ebola treatment centres in response to the epidemic raging in Boende health zone, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Liberia - Foya Ebola management centre

Johnson-Boie's brother Eric sadly passed away after contracting the Ebola virus in Liberia on 23rd August. Eric is one of three of our colleagues who died in the space of a week from the deadly disease.

Nasir South Sudan

After three months running the maternity ward at MSF's hospital in Nasir, South Sudan, it was almost time for midwife Patricia van der Dennen to return home. But then fighting reached the town.

PRESS RELEASE: MSF denounces international inaction in Ebola-stricken African countries; states must deploy specialised medical assets now

Emergency intervention in the Transit camp of Bubukwanga

After the escape of one of our abducted colleagues, MSF asks for help to find the three other members of our team who were taken more than a year ago.


Video and full text of MSF International President Dr Joanne Liu's speech to the United Nations calling for member states to deploy civilian and military assets with expertise in bio-hazard containment in West Africa.

HIV and DR-TB treatment in Swazialnd, October 2013

PRESS RELEASE: A new briefing paper by MSF published today, 17th March, outlines why the alarming spread of deadly strains of drug-resistant tuberculosis are one of the biggest global health threats we face today.


Visit MSF projects around the world and see what we do. This month we look to the Central African Republic, Chad, Cameroon and Afghanistan. We also look back on International Women's Day and look forward to World Tuberculosis Day.

Opinion and Debate: Claire Magone argues that while helping the survivors of sexual attacks to recover should be the first priority of those responding to sexual violence, the focus should also be on collecting and analysing data which enables them to do this better.


Opinion and Debate: Jonathan Whittall says that, for him, the resilience debate would end if resilience building ceased to do so under the banner of humanitarianism

Since June 2012 MSF has been providing healthcare in parts of northern Syria where needs were identified and where it was possible to set up makeshift hospitals and clinics.

IDP Camps, Melut County, South Sudan

Violent clashes have forced more than 15,000 people to seek refuge in newly created camps in Melut county in recent weeks.

Opinion and Debate: Jonathan Whittall argues that David Miliband's drive to create a humanitarian counterpart to the millennium development goals will detract from the priority of saving lives.

PRESS RELEASE: MSF issues briefing paper highlighting appalling conditions in Dagahaley camp

Bouar, on the edge of survival

PRESS RELEASE: The escalation of violence in Central African Republic is undermining vital humanitarian assistance for people who are already suffering due to limited access to aid, MSF warned today.

HIV STATUS? Undetectable

PRESS RELEASE: Two new studies released by Epicentre, the research arm of MSF, at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston this week point to reductions in new HIV infections in areas where HIV treatment has been scaled up.