Violence in eastern Ukraine

Hospitals are shelled, ambulances are taken by armed groups, civilians are injured, and as the conflict spreads, there are few safe places to hide. MSF emergency coordinator Colette Gadenne, just back from the Donetsk region, describes the escalating humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine.

Honduras - An epidemic of violence

MSF is providing much needed medical and psychological care to victims of sexual violence in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, one of the world's most violent cities.

Gaza, MSF Support to Al Shifa hospital

For 50 days, Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital has lived to the rhythm of fighting followed by ceasefire followed by fighting again. Find out more about our work in the hospital.

MSF is rapidly scaling up its operations in Liberia as the international response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to be chaotic and entirely inadequate.


This month we take a look at our work treating civilians caught in the cross fire in Gaza, our mental health project in the West Bank, the continuing Ebola emergency, cholera in Ethiopia, new treatment to prevent blindness in Myanmar and a study into the violence in the Central African Republic.

Opinion and Debate: Paul Cawthorne asks why MSF were forced to smuggle HIV drugs across international borders

PRESS RELEASE: The DRC is in the grip of an emergency. For two decades, persistent conflict in its eastern provinces and instability in other regions, as well as a dysfunctional health system, have led to recurrent humanitarian crises and outbreaks of disease.


PRESS RELEASE: We have now been informed that we can resume part of the activities as covered by our original Memorandum of Understanding with the Union Government of Myanmar on Monday, 3rd March.

Lives in the balance: the urgent need for HIV and TB treatment in Myanmar

PRESS RELEASE: MSF has been ordered by the Union Government of Myanmar to cease all activities in the country. MSF is deeply shocked by the unilateral decision and extremely concerned about the fate of tens of thousands of patients currently under our care across the country.

Thousands of refugees from CAR in N'Djamena

More than 15,000 people have arrived in the Chad after fleeing extreme violence. But with no hope of returning home, the refugees face an uncertain future

Project Coordinator Sarah Maynard describes the devastation she encountered upon returning to MSF's destroyed hospital in Leer

PRESS RELEASE: As entire towns in South Sudan suffer devastating attacks, medical care has also come under fire with patients shot in their beds, wards burned to the ground, medical equipment looted and, in one case, an entire hospital destroyed.

Opinion and Debate: Ivan Gayton asks if humanitarian organisations are complicit in denying people the right to asylum.

In pictures: Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places in the world for a woman to give birth

In pictures: Accessing healthcare in Afghanistan can be a difficult process, disrupted by violence, poor roads and unaffordable medical costs