PRESS RELEASE: MSF strongly condemns the 28th July attack on Gaza City’s Al Shifa hospital, where an MSF surgical team is working.


Two car bombs exploded in towns in northern Syria on 26th July – one in Atmeh and the other in Azaz – causing large numbers of civilian casualties, including an MSF Syrian staff member. MSF strongly condemns these deadly attacks on civilians.

MSF doctor Tim Jagatic talks about the stigma associated with Ebola and whether or not it could spread beyond West Africa.

Opinion and Debate: The EU commissioner might be right about the 'new normal', but it isn't a reason to lose focus on saving lives argues Michiel Hofman.


Visit our projects around the world and see what we really do. This month we look to the resurgence of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, people displaced by the conflict in Central African Republic, our four missing colleagues in Democratic Republic of Congo, donating blood in Mali and migrants in Mexico.

Patient story in Bangui community hospital

The story of Dorassio, whose arm was amputated after he was shot in Bouar, Central African Republic. Despite his condition, he says he will learn to write with his other hand to realise his dream of becoming a writer.

DRC Mweso North Kivu July 2011

Months of conflict between armed groups in the province of North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, have exposed civilians to extreme levels of violence. Many people have sustained life-threatening injuries, lost family members in the fighting, and have been forced to flee their homes.

Opinion and Debate: In the wake of the Scarlett Johannson-SodaStream-Oxfam imbroglio, Jonathan Whittall, Head of Humanitarian Analysis, looks at the relationship between politics and aid.

Thousands of Muslims flee Central African Republic

After numerous incidents of violence in the last few days - in which several hundred Muslims have been killed in villages outside of Bangui - the Muslim population is now trying to leave the town and the country out of fear of violence.

© Jerome Starky

PRESS RELEASE: Over 270,000 people are left without healthcare after violence forces MSF medical staff to flee with patients in Unity State.

© Rocío González Bernal/MSF

MSF's emergency team in South Kivu was immediately activated after receiving an alert on 2nd December from the Provincial General Hospital of South Kivu in Bukavu: the previous day, 30 people had been admitted to the cholera treatment centre, one of which had already died.

Violence in CAR. Bangui

Following several fatal episodes of inter-communal violence last week in Bangui, the capital of Central African Republic (CAR), MSF medical teams treated more than 200 people at the community hospital and at the Castor Health Centre; 90 of the patients required life-saving surgeries.

Over the past seven weeks, MSF teams have run mobile clinics by boat to deliver medical and humanitarian aid to five islands south of Guiuan that were affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

MSF helps to deliver four babies in the Mauritanian desert. A story of an uncertain start to life in Mbera refugee camp.

IDP camp, Juba, South Sudan

Professor Paul McMaster, surgeon and president of MSF UK, spent a month in South Sudan at the peak of the crisis. This is a personal account of his time there.