Testimonies from a boat carrying 600 people that capsized in the Mediterranean.

MSF UK's Vickie Hawkins in Lesbos stands by lifejackets left on the shore by newly-arrived refugees

Opinion and Debate: Vickie Hawkins, the MSF UK Executive Director, witnesses the arrival of migrants in Greece and calls on Europe to live up to its values: "The least we could do is treat those who arrive on our shores with some humanity".


Dr Tammam Aloudat, Deputy Medical Director at MSF, recently visited Ibb to assess the health needs of people in the community. He found what he witnessed shocking.


More than 7,000 refugees, asylum seekers and migrants arrived on Kos over the month of July - a two-fold increase compared to June - turning a dire situation from bad to worse.


Interview with Thierry Goffeau, MSF project coordinator in Aden, who discusses the extreme levels of violence he witnessed.


PRESS RELEASE: The latest tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea, in which hundreds of people drowned after a boat carrying up around 600 people capsized, underscores the severe lack of adequate search and rescue operations in the area, says MSF.

People carry their belongings as they pass through a flooded street in Min Pyar township of Rakhine State, Myanmar, 02 August 2015.

After days of severe rains across swathes of Myanmar in the wake of Cyclone Komen, MSF is providing medical and non-medical aid to thousands of people affected by flooding.


Scenes from the conflict in Yemen, including the MSF-supported Ministry of Health hospital in Sa'ada City, damage from the aerial bombing campaign in Sana'a, and displaced people in Amran.


MSF is concerned about adequate access to clean water, sanitation and the availability of basic healthcare and nutritional services within the UN Protections of Civilians site in Bentiu.


PRESS RELEASE: Family doctors will be asked to use their skills and expertise to help some of the world’s most vulnerable patients as MSF and the Royal College of GPs launch a working partnership to place UK GPs in MSF projects around the world.