Violence in eastern Ukraine

Hospitals are shelled, ambulances are taken by armed groups, civilians are injured, and as the conflict spreads, there are few safe places to hide. MSF emergency coordinator Colette Gadenne, just back from the Donetsk region, describes the escalating humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine.

Honduras - An epidemic of violence

MSF is providing much needed medical and psychological care to victims of sexual violence in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, one of the world's most violent cities.

Gaza, MSF Support to Al Shifa hospital

For 50 days, Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital has lived to the rhythm of fighting followed by ceasefire followed by fighting again. Find out more about our work in the hospital.

MSF is rapidly scaling up its operations in Liberia as the international response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues to be chaotic and entirely inadequate.


This month we take a look at our work treating civilians caught in the cross fire in Gaza, our mental health project in the West Bank, the continuing Ebola emergency, cholera in Ethiopia, new treatment to prevent blindness in Myanmar and a study into the violence in the Central African Republic.

support for hospitals in eastern Ukraine.

Following months of intense conflict, an increasingly alarming humanitarian situation is unfolding in eastern Ukraine.

Bentiu South Sudan - Floods inside the UN Internally Displaced People's camp

Opinion and Debate: MSF's humanitarian affairs advisor Clémentine Olivier argues that humanitarian assistance planning should not simply rely on preventing a crisis from happening in the first place.

Vaccination Campaign against Cholera Gambella Ethiopia

A vaccine against cholera is being used on a large scale for the first time in Ethiopia by teams from MSF, to vaccinate South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia.


MSF has launched a response to the confirmed Ebola viral hemorrhagic fever outbreak in Equateur Province, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ndele, CAR.

Omar Ahmed, a field coordinator for MSF, has just returned from two months working in Ndele, CAR, in a region that has long been neglected by the authorities and which is currently home to some 3,000 displaced people.


It is with great sorrow that MSF confirms that two of our colleagues, a Guinean outreach worker and a Liberian nurse, have passed away.

MSF clinic for IDPs in Baharka Camp, Iraq Kurdistan

Project Coordinator Will Harper describes the situation in Iraq, the MSF response and the challenges ahead.

MSF clinic for IDPs in Baharka Camp, Iraq Kurdistan

On 12th August MSF set up a mobile clinic in Bharka camp, Iraqi Kurdistan. Since then, the team of two doctors and one nurse has carried out more than 400 consultations. Here three patients share their stories.

MSF treats DR-TB cases

MSF UK's Emma Vehvilainen argues that whilst the West worries about Ebola, many are ignoring a far bigger threat to their health.

The MSF team based in Bangui General Hospital have treated 31 wounded in a single day and are working hard to deal with a high influx of patients.