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Sport and adventure challenges

The great thing about sport and adventure challenges is that nothing is considered too crazy. So whether you feel like jumping out of a plane or water-sking the English channel, we're listening!

Here are just a few examples of what you, our fantastic fundraisers, have done to raise money to help MSF save lives. Fancy joining them?


Tom and Nick cycling adventureIn September 2014, doctors Tom and Nicky set off on a 'cycling without borders' mission from the UK to Malaysia - that’s 20,000 miles!

They endured Siberian head winds in the Kazakh desert, snow-covered 4,500 metre passes in the Pamir Highway during winter and the Indian plains during a heat wave.

Tom and Nicky have now raised a whopping £11,050 for our work. That could pay for measles vaccines for 23,295 children.

"We took on the challenge to raise money for MSF, and we are loving the adventure,"


Keith Spurgin hikes 70 milesStarting at sunrise, the day before his seventieth birthday Keith Spurgin hiked 70 miles – one mile for every year of his life.

Hiking all through the day and in to the evening, Keith powered through and finished at 7pm the next day, 36 hours later and after only two hours sleep.

Keith's determination helped him raise an amazing £1,939 for our work. That could buy a year's supply of lifesaving antiretroviral drugs, enabling people living with HIV/AIDS to fight the virus and live a normal life.

"It is one of the most major things I have ever done and it has made me aware of how strong people can be if they are determined,"
Keith Spurgin


Rosalyn Smith running the MSF Fun RunRosalyn Smith was one of hundreds who participated in this year’s MSF 5k and 10k Fun Run in Regent’s Park, London.

Rosalyn ran 10 kilometres in under 60 minutes. This was her first ever competitive race and her time was not bad for someone who normally only ever runs for the train, maybe once a year.

Rosalyn's expolits helped her raise a fantastic £288 for our work, which could provide clean linen and gowns for nine surgical operations.

“Knowing that I was helping MSF to save lives motivated me to keep going towards the finish line despite the rainy weather,"
Rosalyn smith

Inspiration and getting started

If you'd like to take on any challenge please let us know. We don't buy charity places in races but if you have secured a place for a race or are planning your own trip then we can help you make the most of your fundraising.

Here are a few highly regarded challenges to wet your apetite:

Best of luck with your challenge from the team here at MSF UK. Remember, small or large, near or far, a challenge doesn't have to take years or require visiting 10 countries, it simply has to mean something to you.