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Send a Christmas message to our staff

This December, six British volunteers will be working in MSF projects in Bangladesh, working alongside hundreds of local staff.

They'll be helping our medical teams treat the physical and psychological wounds of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Show your support by sending them a message this Christmas. Your message will be put up in the team's office for all MSF staff in the project to see.

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Laura Holland, water and sanitation expertLaura Holland is a water and sanitation specialist working in Banglasdesh. We asked her what it’s like to be spending Christmas in an MSF project. 

What do you normally do at Christmas?

"I'm usually on mission at Christmas, so I try to find ways to bring in a few of the traditional British ways of celebrating. If I'm organised enough before leaving the UK then I might try to add in a Christmas pudding or a few crackers to my luggage."

"When Christmas time approaches then I'll start looking around to see whether there's any possibility of buying a turkey locally, to have the traditional British Christmas. So far, I've had a reasonable success rate. Brussels sprouts are harder to find, but I guess that a lot of people wouldn't see lack of brussels sprouts as a bad thing..."

What are doing this year in Bangladesh?

"I haven't yet started a proper hunt for a turkey, but it seems that there's a good possibility of finding them in the local market. I wasn't organised enough this year to bring any extras like Christmas pudding with me, so we'll have to improvise a bit. I think that there's going to be around eight of us for Christmas Dinner, in the Coordination team in Cox's Bazar."

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MSF nurse Sunny La Valle has recently returned from Bangladesh. Find out why MSF's work with Rohingya refugees is so vital by watching Sunny's video below.