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27 Apr 18 30 Apr 18

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Since November our teams have been working in and around Raqqa, setting up trauma stabilisation points and scaling up work at Tal Abyad hospital, two hours' drive north of the city.

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Dr Pippa, who arrived in Syria in November had this to say about the team she joined: 

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"I was nervous about working in Syria, but my experience so far has been extremely positive.

"A lot of the things I was worried about have not been problematic, and I have fallen in love with our staff. They are amazing, hardworking, committed and keen to be there to drive the project.

"They have been through something incredibly traumatic and are now having to deal with, as they put it, ‘a new kind of war’.

"Although the heavy fighting is over for now in Raqqa, they’re fighting a new war with all the blast injuries caused by improvised explosives left after the conflict."

Send a message to the MSF teams working in and around Raqqa

Send a message to the MSF teams working in and around Raqqa and Pippa will post it in the project for all MSF staff to see.

Send a message to MSF teams in Raqqa >