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MSF UK vacancy: Senior Health Promotion Consultant

Duration: three months

Start date: October 2020

Department: Public Health Department      

Points of contact: Annette de Jong - Health Promotion Advisor, Bev Stringer - Social Science Team Lead

Administrative support: Admin, Manson Unit


To finalise the HP guidelines with corresponding templates and to support the development of the HP-E-training (in line with the guideline) by providing content and validation of the training modules.


Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) provides life-saving emergency relief and longer-term medical care to some of the most vulnerable and excluded communities around the world. As an independent medical humanitarian organisation, we deliver care based only on need, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion or political affiliation.

MSF relies on donations from private individuals and organisations for the majority of its income. This private funding gives MSF the freedom to respond where needs are greatest and to speak out publicly, free from any political interference. MSF has around 40,000 local and international staff working in over 70 countries, in some of the most challenging places in the world. Our medical humanitarian projects are supported by teams in 32 countries, including the UK, spread across Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australasia. At MSF UK, we support MSF’s operations by building relationships with our supporters, increasing awareness of our work, raising funds, providing specialist medical expertise, catalysing change on medical humanitarian issues, and recruiting field staff. MSF UK personnel are dynamic, hard-working, enthusiastic and committed to MSF’s values and aims. 

Health Promotion

In January 2020,  MSF’s Operational Centre Amsterdam (OCA) and Operational Centre Geneva (OCG) transferred the Health Promotion/Community Engagement (HP/CE) face-to-face training into an online E-training/learning, with the goal to improve access to the training, capacity building and leadership for HP staff. This project is supported by the Learning and Development (L&D) departments of OCA and OCG who provide technical-specialist support to build this training in E-format applicable for the MSF tembo learning platform – tembo.msf.org.

The Health Promotion Advisor is responsible for content and validation of the developed modules.

The training curriculum supports the Health Promotion guidelines. The guideline outline has been drafted and by the end of 2020 we want three products to support health promotion activities:

  • Health promotion transfer of training curriculum to the tembo E-training/learning platform,
  • Health promotion guideline and
  • Health promotion stationery kit to be put together for all HP

HP E-training is a shared project of OCG and OCA. The consultant will:

  • provide content and validation of the E-learning modules, of which two modules are still outstanding.

i-   Health promotion transfer of training curriculum to the tembo E-training/learning platform,

ii-  Health promotion guideline

  • Finalise the Health Promotion guideline and templates for the guideline annexe (Dec 2019)

iii- Health promotion stationery kit to be put together for all HP

  • To create a Health Promotion starters kit. The kit will include a selection of e-books and stationery items from the MSF catalogue. (to be placed in the treasury)

This position is for a three-month period from October until December 2020.


STAGE ONE: October
Under guidance of Health Promotion Advisor to participate in weekly meetings with L&D department to arrange existing content[1] support to the development of the E-learning HP training modules, and to validate two training modules to create a final edition.

STAGE TWO: November
To finalise the HP guidelines by collecting existing templates/examples related to health promotion. Include links to combine with other relevant guidelines or toolkits, e.g Qualitative methods toolkit (recruitment tests, assessments methods, data collection, and activity log frame etc) to include in the guidelines.

To create an inventory for a Health Promotion Kit based on equipment and materials available to the MSF catalogue. 


  • Experience in MSF field projects as a Health Promotion Manager
  • Prior involvement in the international MSF HP/CE training either as a facilitator or participant
  • Nursing qualification or professional course in health promotion or public health
  • Demonstrable mastery of web-based collaborative platforms such as MS SharePoint

V.MISC: Place of work: all work will be done remotely.


Please send the following to admin.mu@london.msf.org by 10 October 2020:

  • An updated CV
  • A covering letter expressing interest
  • A financial proposal for completing the above deliverables

For any questions, clarifications and/or queries please write Annette de Jong, Health Promotion Advisor Annette.de.jong@amsterdam.msf.org or Bev Stringer, Social Science Team Lead on Beverley.stringer@london.msf.org

[1] all content already exists in writing but needs to be adapted for audio and E-learning format e.g. podcasts, quiz, other participatory e-learning activities