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28 Mar 19 10 Mar 20

MSF Scientific Days 2020: Satellite events

MSF Scientific Days International (London), a two-day conference featuring research conducted by Médecins Sans Frontières, is fast approaching. We are keen to make the organisation’s humanitarian research accessible to the global healthcare community by inviting academic, research, and other institutes to organise their own satellite event. 

Groups are invited to watch the keynotes, presentations, and debates via the livestream. Anyone tuning into the livestream may also pose questions and make comments using twitter or the Slido app - a platform designed to promote digital conference engagement (more details to follow). 

Participating institutions and organizations can build a satellite event around the MSF Scientific Days Programme in any way they wish. For example, stream the entire day, or a portion of the day, leaving time to invite a local speaker or stage a debate. No group is too big or too small.

How it works

With a link to access the livestream, groups can project the MSF Scientific Day presentations in a conference room, classroom, or auditorium, or you can simply watch on a computer.

Check out the medical research day agenda and innovation day agenda to plan your event.


Satellite Event toolkit

  1. Book a meeting room, auditorium, or classroom at your institution
  2. Promote your Satellite Event
  3. Perhaps invite your own external Speaker
  4. Nominate a Chair who can lead discussion during your Satellite event
  5. Nominate a Facilitator who can send questions (via Twitter or the discussion box) from your delegates to the presenters during the sessions
  6. Let us know that you will be holding a satellite event so we can “shout out” to you on the day and include you in Q&As and panel discussions.
  7. Any questions please contact us.