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MSF Scientific Days 2020: Research posters

All of the posters shown below were selected by the conference editorial committee to be displayed during Medical Research Day at MSF Scientific Days International (London) on 13th May 2020. 

Research Poster 1: 18-month outcomes of surgical treatment for noma (cancrum oris): case series, Noma Children’s Hospital, Sokoto, Nigeria

Research Poster 2: Malaria and dengue in Hodeidah City, Yemen: the importance of laboratory confirmation

Research Poster 3: Adherence to pre-exposure prophylaxis among young, pregnant and lactating women: pilot study, Eswatini

Research Poster 4: Dynamics and resistance patterns of recurrent typhoid outbreaks: descriptive epidemiology study, Harare, Zimbabwe 

Research Poster 5: Perceptions and health-seeking behaviour for mental illness among Syrian refugees and Lebanese community members, Wadi Khaled, North Lebanon: qualitative study

Research Poster 6: HIV risks and engagement with care among female sex workers in Nsanje, Malawi: respondent-driven sampling study

Research Poster 7: Sensitivity and specificity of malaria rapid diagnostic tests based on histidine-rich protein 2 antigen or Plasmodium lactate dehydrogenase: prospective diagnostic evaluation, Niger

Research Poster 8: Missed opportunities for vaccination in children under five years: cross-sectional survey

Research Poster 9: Prognostic factors for mortality among patients with visceral leishmaniasis in East Africa: systematic review and meta-analysis

Research Poster 10: Outcomes of hepatitis C treatment for vulnerable populations coinfected with HIV and hepatitis C: programme description, Manipur, India

Research Poster 11: Clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes among people who inject drugs coinfected with HIV and hepatitis C: retrospective cohort, Manipur, India

Research Poster 12: Gaps in hepatitis B vaccination completion and levels of seroprotection among people who inject drugs in Hpakant, Myanmar  

Research Poster 13: Estimating risk factors for maternal death, stillbirth, and low birth weight amongst high-risk pregnant women: retrospective cohort, Port-au-Prince, Haiti 

Research Poster 14: Community based surveillance and active case-finding for epidemic-prone diseases within Rohingya refugee camps, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh 

Research Poster 15: Assessing the feasibility of interventions to prevent injury and improve work safety in metal factories: participatory before-and-after intervention study 

Research Poster 16:  Patient and health-care worker perspectives on the short-course regimen for treatment of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan: qualitative study 

Research Poster 17: Optimising recruitment to a phase II/III tuberculosis clinical trial: learning from patient and practitioner experiences, Uzbekistan 

Research Poster 18: Antibiotic susceptibility patterns in hospitalized patients with advanced HIV in Bihar, India 

Research Poster 19: Knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding palliative care: mixed-methods study, Bihar, India

Research Poster 20: High prevalence of critical hypokalaemia in severely malnourished, hospitalized children and outcomes of potassium correction: observational study in Niger, Chad, and Nigeria