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MSF Scientific Days 2019: Overview

A Conference Without Borders

London – South Asia  Southern Africa

The aim of MSF Scientific Days is to help improve the quality of care provided to the patients and populations we serve, by sharing and discussing the research conducted in our field programmes.

MSF Scientific Days London

MSF Scientific Days will take place at the Royal Society of Medicine on the 9 and 10 May 2019.

MSF Scientific Days South Asia and Southern Africa

Dates of international events to be announced soon!

Take a look at last year’s highlights.

MSF Scientific Days: Aims and Principles



The MSF Scientific Days share knowledge of what works, and learnings from what doesn’t work, in humanitarian medical programming with as wide an audience as possible. The aim is to lead to evidence-based improvement of the quality of care provided to patients and populations by sharing research and innovation conducted in, or for, our field programmes.



  1. To increase the quality of medical humanitarian assistance provided by MSF by presenting and debating high quality, relevant evidence, research and innovations.
  2. Promote evidence-based decision making by sharing the best quality evidence underpinning field programmes.
  3. Promote sharing of ideas, best practice, networks and collaborations across disciplines, both within MSF and with external organisations.
  4. Nurture a culture of innovation while promoting high standards and scientific rigour in design, implementation and evaluation.


  • Evidence-based: Core event content based on sound research and innovation practice.
  • Ethical: All material to meet MSF ethics standards for research and humanitarian innovation.
  • Field-first: Field staff engagement prioritised as a central part of the MSF Scientific Days.
  • Honest and challenging: The MSF Scientific Days should constructively challenge and improve what MSF does.
  • Relevant and impactful: All content must be relevant to current or future MSF medical humanitarian programmes.
  • Accountable: Commitment to ensure material presented leads to change.
  • Diverse: Strive to ensure the diversity of MSF is reflected by the diversity of speakers, chairs, keynotes, panellists, and the audience.
  • Aligned: Aligned with core MSF values.
  • Efficient: MSF Scientific Day events should represent excellence in content and engagement, but also value for money.
  • Accessible: Conference to be free to attend in-person and free to watch online (if livestreamed).