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16 July 2018 

In the Lancet Respiratory Medicine, MSF contributes to a retrospective cohort study comparing people diagnosed with rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis who received bedaquiline-based regimens with those who did not. The data show a large reduction in mortality for patients who received bedaquiline. MSF also co-authors a linked comment calling for South Africa's approach to the use of bedaquiline to be emulated in other countries. And, in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, MSF and coauthors discuss bedaquiline and repurposed drugs for fluoroquinolone-resistant MDR-TB.

In Population Health Metrics, MSF leads a comparative analysis of the validity and feasibility of two-stage cluster survey methods and the Semi-Quantitative Evaluation of Access and Coverage (SQUEAC) for estimating therapeutic feeding programme coverage. In BMJ Global Health, a qualitative systematic review examines risk factors for communicable disease outbreaks in complex humanitarian emergencies. 

In The Lancet, researchers report robust immunogenicity and favourable tolerability results from a phase 1/2a clinical trial of a mosaic HIV-1 vaccine. In parallel, they found that the vaccine provided significant protection against infection in rhesus monkeys. An accompanying comment discusses the progression to efficacy trials of this vaccine and another recent candidate, and whether they are likely to achieve better results than with ALVAC/AIDSVAX. Also, in The Lancet, a cohort study enrolling over 60,000 babies in south Asia has examined the incidence of community-acquired infections among neonates. The findings, discussed in a linked comment, highlight that a cause was attributed in only 28% of episodes of possible serious bacterial infection, and only 23% of neonates who died were assessed by a physician before death. 

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Health in a Humanitarian Setting

Population Health Metrics • Article ***MSF Authors***: Estimating program coverage in the treatment of severe acute malnutrition: a comparative analysis of the validity and operational feasibility of two methods 


Conflict & Health • Article: Small and light arms violence reduction as a public health measure: the case of Libya 


Lancet Respiratory Medicine • Article ***MSF Author***: Effect of bedaquiline on mortality in South African patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis: a retrospective cohort study and comment

Lancet Respiratory Medicine • Article ***MSF Author***: Bedaquiline use in South Africa reveals a lifesaving policy in action

Am. J. Resp. Crit. Care. Med. • Article ***MSF Authors***: Bedaquiline and Repurposed Drugs for Fluoroquinolone-Resistant MDR-TB: How Much Better Are They?  

PLOS Medicine • Article: Adherence interventions and outcomes of tuberculosis treatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis of trials and observational studies

Trans R. Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg. • Article: How has the Zimbabwe mycobacterial culture and drug sensitivity testing system among re-treatment tuberculosis patients functioned during the scale-up of the Xpert MTB/RIF assay? 



Lancet • Article: Evaluation of a mosaic HIV-1 vaccine in a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 1/2a clinical trial (APPROACH) and in rhesus monkeys (NHP 13-19) and comment

BMJ Global Health • Article: Performance of verbal autopsy methods in estimating HIV-associated mortality among adults in South Africa

Lancet Infectious Diseases • Personal View: Laboratory medicine in Africa since 2008: then, now, and the future 

Maternal and Child Health



Malaria Journal • Article: Planning and implementation of a countrywide campaign to deliver over 16 million long-lasting insecticidal nets in Mozambique 

Malaria Journal • Article: Evidence for histidine-rich protein 2 immune complex formation in symptomatic patients in Southern Zambia 

Malaria Journal • Article: Evaluation of loop-mediated isothermal amplification as a surveillance tool for malaria in reactive case detection moving towards elimination 

Malaria Journal • Article: Trends of Plasmodium falciparum prevalence in two communities of Muheza district North-eastern Tanzania: correlation between parasite prevalence, malaria interventions and rainfall in the context of re-emergence of malaria after two decades of progressively declining transmission

Malaria Journal • Article: Haemolysis and haem oxygenase-1 induction during persistent “asymptomatic” malaria infection in Burkinabé children 

Malaria Journal • Article: Intermittent screening and treatment with artemether–lumefantrine versus intermittent preventive treatment with sulfadoxine–pyrimethamine for malaria in pregnancy: a facility-based, open-label, non-inferiority trial in Nigeria 


Neglected Tropical Diseases

PLOS NTDs • Article: The current epidemiological status of urogenital schistosomiasis among primary school pupils in Katsina State, Nigeria: An imperative for a scale up of water and sanitation initiative and mass administration of medicines with Praziquantel 

PLOS NTDs • Article: Impact of a national deworming campaign on the prevalence of soil-transmitted helminthiasis in Uganda (2004-2016): Implications for national control programs 

PLOS NTDs • Article: Impact of schistosome infection on long-term HIV/AIDS outcomes

PLOS NTDs • Article: Variation in competence for ZIKV transmission by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus in Mexico 

PLOS NTDs • Article: Integrated morbidity mapping of lymphatic filariasis and podoconiosis cases in 20 co-endemic districts of Ethiopia 

PLOS NTDs • Article: Domestic animals infected with Mycobacterium ulcerans—Implications for transmission to humans 

PLOS NTDs • Article: Socioeconomic risk markers of leprosy in high-burden countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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