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07 September 2018 

This week, in Maternal and Child Nutrition, MSF co-authors a study that examines whether programme outcomes improved with the use of mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) measurement compared to proportional weight gain, as the sole criteria for discharge within a MSF-supported feeding programme in Burkina Faso. The study showed the use of MUAC was associated with shorter hospital-stay times and appropriately reflected the need for longer treatment amongst severely malnourished children. 

In Conflict and Health, MSF-authors a qualitative analysis that explores the deterioration in mental health for migrants detained on Lesbos Island, Greece, following closure of the “Balkan route” in early 2015. The authors’ work, which was presented at MSF Scientific Days 2018, describes institutional abuse of migrants, inhumane living conditions, and the need for improvements to eliminate continuous traumatic stress. And, in the BMJ, MSF is mentioned in an opinion piece that calls on the public health community to speak out on rising rates of migrants dying at sea

In Lancet Infectious Diseases, a three arm, open-label, randomised, control trial compares the WHO-recommended sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine regimen for preventing malaria in pregnancy to weekly chemoprophylaxis, or intermittent treatment, with chloroquine. Resistance to the WHO regimen is high in Malawi, the study’s location. The findings indicate that chloroquine chemoprophylaxis might provide benefit in protecting against malaria during pregnancy, however, studies with larger sample sizes are needed. 

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Health in a Humanitarian Setting

Maternal and Child Health




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Global Health

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Neglected Tropical Diseases

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