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Supply logistician

Including supply chain managers, project managers, logistics managers, warehouse managers, purchasing and stock managers, cold chain specialists

Our supply logisticians make sure our projects are equipped with everything that's needed to deal with an emergency.

From collecting supplies from an MSF plane on a makeshift runway to working with the pharmacy manager and medical team to forecast medical supplies months in advance, the work of a supply logistician is far reaching and vital to the whole team.


Our supply logisticians are reponsible for ordering all supplies for the project. They often have experience in supply chain management and have strong skills in managing spreadsheets and databases.

The supply logistician is either based in the project or the capital, and works closely with all departments, ensuring that accurate forecasting is done so that the project has the capacity to respond immediately to urgent medical needs as they arise. 

Managing local staff

Training, supervising and managing local staff is a key responsibility, and the supply team may be comprised of storekeepers, purchasers, supply logistics assistants and labourers.

A large part of the supply logistician's work is to build the capacity of these local staff, as well as to ensure safe and fair working conditions and manage administration of the department.

Supply logisticians also have frequent interaction with local authorities and organisations and often oversee the implementation of security protocols to ensure the safe movement of cargo into the project. ​

Stories from the field

To read more first-hand stories from logisticians working overseas with MSF, visit our blog.


  • Significant experience in logistics related roles 
  • Experience in supervising and managing others in a logistics capacity 
  • Experience in supply chain management, e.g. needs assessment, order management, purchasing, stock management and freight management 
  • Experience with organisation and set-up of supply administration and related supply procedures 
  • Warehouse management skills 
  • Familiarity with cold chain maintenance and procedures
  • Available for a minimum of nine months
  • Minimum of three months’ work, volunteering or travel experience in developing countries
  • Willingness to work in unstable areas
  • Adaptable and able to work in a multicultural team
  • Able to provide training and supervision to others
  • Fluency in English 


We're currently looking for logisticians with good French or Arabic skills.

If you can speak French or Arabic you're much more likely to be accepted onto our register.

Your language level may be tested during the recruitment process.

before you apply

Your safety and security 

We take safety and security seriously. This video explains the risks our staff face and the lengths we go to keep them safe.

Please watch this before you decide whether or not to apply for this job.

What's it like working with MSF? 

In most projects you'll be living and working in stressful conditions without many of the things you may take for granted at home.

Please watch this short video and reflect on why you want to work for MSF before starting your application. 

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