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Health Information System Data Migration Support

Start date:  ASAP 2020
Contacts: HIS Project Manager, HIS Team Lead


Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) provides life-saving emergency relief and longer-term medical care to some of the most vulnerable and excluded communities around the world. As an independent medical humanitarian organisation, we deliver care based only on need, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion or political affiliation.  

MSF has around 40,000 local and international staff working in over 70 countries, in some of the most challenging places in the world. Our medical humanitarian projects are supported by teams in 32 countries, including the UK, spread across Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australasia.  

OCA Health Information System (HIS)

In order to cover evolving needs regarding MSF OCA’s Public Health Department's programme monitoring and patient management, a new DHIS2 HIS system has been developed to provide a platform for improved data entry as well as easy and timely data visualisation and analysis, at project, coordination and headquarter levels.


Preparation of 1800 files of legacy data within the existing OCA HIS to facilitate the migration of that data into the new HIS (DHIS2).


Each file will take approximately 1 hour to prepare, finalise and import into DHIS2. We hope to have two people completing this over 6 months.


Preparation of data migration conversion files of Excel exports (of historical data) into a format that will be imported into DHIS2 through the:

  • Conversion of files in custom-designed ‘converter templates’ for each activity
  • Updating of old Excel exports files to a newer version that is compatible with the converter templates.
  • Liaison with appropriate field mission staff to verify key decisions that will be made during the conversion process such as
  • where Organizational Units (if any) should hold historical data where there is no clear match in the DHIS2 system,
  • verification of names of new locations lists
  • ensuring all parties are informed of decisions made during the conversion process (e.g. proportional splits of data).

Importation of finalised conversion files into the DHIS2 migration server.

Deliverables do not require any access to any MSF personally identifiable data.


  • Medical background
  • Strong skills and experience in working with medical data,
  • Prior knowledge of MS Excel based HIS data tools and/or the new DHIS2 system (desirable)
  • Strong expertise in using MS Excel (other spreadsheet software equivalents are not relevant)
  • Reliable internet connectively
  • Strong MS Windows and Office skills (Access to Windows based computer -IOS systems are not compatible)
  • Ability to work independently as a consultant
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Demonstrable ability to deliver tasks to deadlines


Send your proposal to the Manson Unit on admin.mu@london.msf.org

It must provide:

  • how to meet the requirements - provide details on how the specific deliverables will be met
  • evidence of applicable experience to support your proposal
  • a quote for delivery of the work (with a break per deliverable)
  • confirmation you feel comfortable with the indicated timeline
  • References 


For further information about the procurement process please contact admin.mu@london.msf.org  

For an informal conversation about the requirements outlined in the Consultancy Brief contact the eHealth and Health Information System Team Lead Jaime.chow@london.msf.org