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Global Health Review - 25 September 2020

This week, MSF authors an article in BMC Infectious Diseases, exploring the perspectives of healthcare workers and people with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) on a person-centred care approach to treatment in MSF’s MDR-TB programme in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan. Patients preferred to be involved in discussions around their care and treatment and have their preferences considered, rather than being entirely responsible for the final decision.

An article in PLOS ONE, also co-authored by MSF, describes the patterns of sexual violence experienced by migrants and asylum seekers, observed at the MSF clinic on Lesvos Island, Greece. Findings suggest a need to increase capacity of mental health services for this vulnerable group. In the International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, MSF researchers present promising results from a cross-cultural validation of the Mental Health Global State scale, an easy-to-use and versatile tool to assess global mental health in humanitarian interventions.

Finally, MSF contributes to an editorial viewpoint in Global Heart, setting out the conclusions from a symposium held to discuss the need to increase uptake of fixed dose combination therapy for cardiovascular diseases. The authors highlight the need for country-specific implementation strategies and set out examples of possible measures.

Reminder: if you missed any of the Epicentre Scientific Day 2020, which took place virtually on 24 September, you can re-watch all of the presentations online.

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Mental health

International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research • Article ***MSF AUTHOR***: Development of a patient rated scale for mental health global state for use during humanitarian interventions

PLOS Medicine • Article : Mental health problems among female sex workers in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Conflict, migration and health

PLOS ONE • Article ***MSF AUTHOR***: Sexual violence against migrants and asylum seekers. The experience of the MSF clinic on Lesvos Island, Greece


BMC Infectious Diseases • Article ***MSF AUTHOR***: Person-centred care in practice: perspectives from a short course regimen for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan

Non-communicable diseases

Global Heart • Viewpoint ***MSF AUTHOR***: Implementing Fixed Dose Combination Medications for the Prevention and Control of Cardiovascular Diseases

The Lancet • Other : The Lancet NCDI Poverty Commission: bridging a gap in universal health coverage for the poorest billion and comment Catalysing the response to NCDI Poverty at a time of COVID-19 and comment Reframing the NCD agenda: a matter of justice and equity

Sexual and reproductive health

The Lancet • World Report : Brazilian doctors condemn new rules on abortion


BMJ Global Health • Comment : What questions we should be asking about COVID-19 in humanitarian settings: perspectives from the Social Sciences Analysis Cell in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

BMJ Global Health • Comment : The evolving picture of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 in children: critical knowledge gaps

BMJ Global Health • Analysis : Health and human rights are inextricably linked in the COVID-19 response

BMJ Global Health • Article : Early estimates of COVID-19 infections in small, medium and large population clusters

BMJ Global Health • Blog : Building Back Better – a new hybrid approach to neglected tropical diseases in the COVID-19 era

The Lancet • World Report : Understanding Mexican health worker COVID-19 deaths

BMJ • Feature : Uruguay is winning against covid-19. This is how

The Lancet Global Health • Correspondence : Addressing racial inequalities in a pandemic: data limitations and a call for critical analyses

Global health

BMJ Global Health • Article : Institutionalising global health: a call for ethical reflection

BMJ Global Health • Comment : What will it take to implement health and health-related sustainable development goals?

BMJ Global Health • Article : Cost and cost drivers associated with setting-up a prime vendor system to complement the national medicines supply chain in Tanzania

BMJ Global Health • Article : The impact of demonetisation on the utilisation of hospital services, patient outcomes and finances: a multicentre observational study from India

BMJ Opinion • Blog : Industry interference in nutrition science reaches into low and middle income countries

Maternal and child health

BMJ Global Health • Article : Does adherence to evidence-based practices during childbirth prevent perinatal mortality? A post-hoc analysis of 3,274 births in Uttar Pradesh, India

PLOS Medicine • Article : Priorities in reducing child mortality: Azithromycin and other interventions

PLOS Medicine • Article : Biannual azithromycin distribution and child mortality among malnourished children: A subgroup analysis of the MORDOR cluster-randomized trial in Niger


International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health • Article ***MSF AUTHOR***: Two-Year Scale-Up of Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention Reduced Malaria Morbidity among Children in the Health District of Koutiala, Mali

BMJ Global Health • Comment : Malaria vector control in sub-Saharan Africa in the time of COVID-19: no room for complacency

PLOS Medicine • Article : Comparative functional survival and equivalent annual cost of 3 long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) products in Tanzania: A randomised trial with 3-year follow up

PLOS Medicine • Article : Quality of clinical management of children diagnosed with malaria: A cross-sectional assessment in 9 sub-Saharan African countries between 2007–2018

Transactions RSTMH • Article : Multilevel modelling of the risk of malaria among children aged under five years in Nigeria

Malaria Journal • Article : Evaluating effectiveness of screening house eaves as a potential intervention for reducing indoor vector densities and malaria prevalence in Nyabondo, western Kenya

Malaria Journal • Article : Rapid reduction of malaria transmission following the introduction of indoor residual spraying in previously unsprayed districts: an observational analysis of Mopti Region, Mali, in 2017

Malaria Journal • Article : Demonstration of indigenous malaria elimination through Track-Test-Treat-Track (T4) strategy in a Malaria Elimination Demonstration Project in Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

Malaria Journal • Article : Individual, community and region level predictors of insecticide-treated net use among women in Uganda: a multilevel analysis

Malaria Journal • Article : Costing malaria interventions from pilots to elimination programmes

Antimicrobial resistance

BMJ Global Health • Article : Antibiotic overuse in the primary health care setting: a secondary data analysis of standardised patient studies from India, China and Kenya


PLOS Medicine • Article : Switch to second-line versus continued first-line antiretroviral therapy for patients with low-level HIV-1 viremia: An open-label randomized controlled trial in Lesotho


PLOS NTDs • Article : The impact of semen testing for Ebola virus RNA on sexual behavior of male Ebola survivors in Liberia

Neglected tropical diseases

Transactions RSTMH • Editorial : Harnessing technology and portability to conduct molecular epidemiology of endemic pathogens in resource-limited settings

Transactions RSTMH • Article : Climate change and dengue fever knowledge, attitudes and practices in Bangladesh: a social media–based cross-sectional survey

PLOS NTDs • Article : The complex health seeking pathway of a human African trypanosomiasis patient in Côte d’Ivoire underlines the need of setting up passive surveillance systems

PLOS NTDs • Article : Heterogeneity of dengue transmission in an endemic area of Colombia

PLOS NTDs • Article : Addressing barriers of community participation and access to mass drug administration for lymphatic filariasis elimination in Coastal Kenya using a participatory approach

Tropical Medicine and International Health • Review : Challenges in the Last Mile of the Global Guinea Worm Eradication Program

Bugbitten • Blog : Dengue: don’t you, forget about me!