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Global Health Review - 03 July 2020

This week, MSF authors a systematic review and meta-analysis in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, evaluating the clinical and epidemiological performance of WHO Ebola case definitions. The authors find that the sensitivity of case definitions is not high enough to achieve acceptable false negative rates for community-based screening and the low specificity results in high numbers of false positives. The investigators outline how the definitions can be improved and a linked comment also discusses the findings.

MSF contributes to a cohort analysis in JIAS, analysing the differences in HIV care, treatment, and mortality outcomes between men and women in West Cape Province, South Africa over ten years. Compared to women, men were less likely to attend HIV care services or start antiretroviral therapy and presented with more advanced HIV with higher overall mortality. An MSF-coauthored viewpoint, also in JIAS, highlights the challenges in measuring linkage to HIV treatment services following HIV self-testing in low-income settings and sets outs adaptable, pragmatic approaches to overcome these.

An MSF-authored study in PLOS NTDs uses a household survey in Akonolinga health district, Cameroon, to assess the incidence and mortality of snakebite and the victims’ health-seeking behaviour. Researchers found an extremely high snakebite incidence and fatality rate and emphasised the need to improve anti-venom supply and first-aid training for traditional healers and health professionals.

Finally, MSF co-authors a commentary in Globalization and Health, presenting a framework to better equip humanitarian organisations to overcome the health concerns arising from climate change.

Reminder: WHO are running the second webinar of their series on neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) on July 8, during which they will be discussing how the new NTDs roadmap will contribute to sustainable and resilient health systems.

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Climate change and planetary health

Globalization and Health • Comment ***MSF AUTHOR***: Calibrating to scale: a framework for humanitarian health organizations to anticipate, prevent, prepare for and manage climate-related health risks

Conflict, migration and health

Transactions RSTMH • Article : Lessons learned from an under-reported mumps epidemic among Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar District, Bangladesh

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Global health

International Journal for Equity in Health • Comment ***MENTIONS MSF***: Health equity and COVID-19: global perspectives

Trends in Food Science & Technology • Article ***MENTIONS MSF***: The role of food science and technology in humanitarian response

Infectious diseases

The Lancet Infectious Diseases • News : Infectious disease surveillance update

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Maternal and child health

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JIAS • Article ***MSF AUTHOR***: Population‐wide differentials in HIV service access and outcomes in the Western Cape for men as compared to women, South Africa: 2008 to 2018: a cohort analysis

JIAS • Viewpoint ***MSF AUTHOR***: Measuring linkage to HIV treatment services following HIV self‐testing in low‐income settings

Neglected tropical diseases

PLOS NTDs • Article ***MSF AUTHOR***: Snakebite Epidemiology and Health-Seeking Behavior in Akonolinga Health District, Cameroon: Cross-sectional Study

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Non-communicable diseases

The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology • Comment : Walking the path together: incorporating Indigenous knowledge in diabetes research

Sexual and reproductive health

PLOS ONE • Article ***MSF AUTHOR***: A systematic review of intimate partner violence interventions focused on improving social support and/ mental health outcomes of survivors


The Lancet Infectious Diseases • Article ***MSF AUTHOR***: Clinical and epidemiological performance of WHO Ebola case definitions: a systematic review and meta-analysis and comment Evaluating case definitions for Ebola virus disease


The Lancet Global Health • Article : Overall, anti-malarial, and non-malarial effect of intermittent preventive treatment during pregnancy with sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine on birthweight: a mediation analysis and comment Defining the combined benefit of intermittent preventive malaria treatment in pregnancy

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Malaria Journal • Article : Caregiver and community perceptions and experiences participating in an infant malaria prevention trial of PfSPZ Vaccine administered by direct venous inoculation: a qualitative study in Siaya County, western Kenya

Malaria Journal • Article : Levels of knowledge regarding malaria causes, symptoms, and prevention measures among Malawian women of reproductive age

Malaria Journal • Article : Coverage of community case management for malaria through CHWs: a quantitative assessment using primary household surveys of high-burden areas in Chhattisgarh state of India

Malaria Journal • Article : Patterns of human exposure to malaria vectors in Zanzibar and implications for malaria elimination efforts

Malaria Journal • Article : Household factors associated with access to insecticide-treated nets and house modification in Bagamoyo and Ulanga districts, Tanzania

Malaria Journal • Article : Efficacy and safety of artesunate–amodiaquine and artemether–lumefantrine and prevalence of molecular markers associated with resistance, Guinea: an open-label two-arm randomised controlled trial