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Everyday Emergency

For decades, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been in the grip of an emergency. Violence in its eastern provinces are an everyday occurrence that has torn the country apart and left millions dead.

'Everyday Emergency' is a three-part film - released in conjunction with the public report of the same name on Monday 3rd March - that explores what life is like for those caught in the crossfire of a decades-long war which shows little sign of relenting.

In November 2013, a film crew visited areas of Walikale and Goma, in North Kivu, to witness first-hand how people cope having fled their homes and living under the constant threat of violence from armed groups. 

Without access to affordable healthcare, diseases such as malaria and measles are rife and even more deadly than the guns, machetes and hammers that have been used to perpetuate the violence.

Despite living in the shadow of death, disease, and displacement, the people we filmed showed incredible strength and resilience. Although they face a daily battle to find food, water and shelter, they have the courage and determination to make the best of their situation no matter what life throws at them.

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