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Health Through Peace 2017

This September, Medact and the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War will bring together health professionals and peace activists to debate, educate and advocate for social justice and demilitarisation. The event will run for three days, from Monday 4 September to Wednesday 6 September. 

Across a series of expert-led panels, workshops and academic sessions  including MSF speakers  we will discuss ways to achieve health through peace, exploring topics from war and nuclear weapons, to the refugee crisis and climate change.

It has never been more important for the international health community to come together and fulfill our role in a changing, unstable world. This will be a unique opportunity to:

  • Join hundreds of progressive health professionals, students and peace activists;
  • Network with leading organisations in the fields of peace, health and nuclear abolition;
  • Take steps to put public health at the centre of the most pressing issues of our time;
  • Hear from high-profile speakers, including former LSHTM director Professor Sir Andrew Haines, President-Elect of the World Medical Association Dr Yoshitake Yokokura, President of the Faculty of Public Health Professor John Middleton, General Secretary at Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Kate Hudson, and more.

MSF discount

If you are a current or former MSF staff member, donor or Friends of MSF student member, you can register on the Medact website under the 'Friend of MSF' option to receive a discount on all fees. This allows you to attend the conference for just £42 for a day (or £32 if you are a student). 

Please note: The discount will be applied at the end of the payment process.

MSF events

Day 2

Tuesday 5 September, 11am-1pm

Counter-terrorism and the erosion of ethics & International Humanitarian Law

Fifteen years since a “war on terror” was declared by the United States, we can clearly see evidence of an erosion of international humanitarian law norms in the practice of targeted bombings of hospitals; attacks on humanitarian workers; detention without trial and torture; and extra-judicial killings.

This session will examine the flouting of IHL and ethical norms by western democracies, and how this has encouraged other regimes to new levels of repression and corruption. The international health community has an important contribution to make in defending and reasserting the critical role of IHL and ethical norms in the conduct of war, conflict and violence; and strengthening the mandate and agency of the UN in upholding international law.


  • Andre Heller Perache, MSF UK
  • Dr Ghassam Abu-Sittah, American University of Beirut
  • Françoise Bouchet-Saulnier, Legal Director, MSF
  • Victoria Brittain, author and journalist

Day 3

Interactive Humanitarian Simulation Experience: Daniel Flecknoe, MSF

Wednesday 6 September, 2pm-5pm

Ever wondered what it would be like to provide humanitarian aid in a warzone? Could you keep vital services running while everything around you falls apart? This immersive and thought-provoking exercise will give you a rare insight into the practical challenges, ethical dilemmas and cultural barriers faced by humanitarian NGOs working in conflict zones.

The exercise is set in Darfur in the mid-2000s and is based upon real events. Please note that delegates must attend both parts 1 and 2 of this session, and spaces are limited.

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