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Across the Lake Chad region, we are seeing patients every day whose lives have been torn apart by conflict. Families cannot return home, communities have been destroyed and health systems are not functioning. People struggle to move around because it is too dangerous.

More than four million people do not have enough to eat and malnutrition rates are alarming. With a 'hunger gap' approaching, we're facing a dire emergency. We need to step up our work to provide people with essential medical care, people who do not have access to it.

Amongst the violence and the insecurity, we're doing everything we can, but it feels like a race against time to reach everyone in need. We must step up our response so that we can reach more people.
Dr Natalie robertsmsf emergency coordinator

how you can help

A donation from you will enable us to upscale how much lifesaving medical treatment we can provide in a region where, for many people, MSF is the only provider of medical care. Your support will allow us to increase the size of our expert medical teams, expand the size or our hospitals and crucially, treat more people. The emergency is growing and we can do more, but we need your help.

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