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06 Apr 17

Podcast: "Good luck, my sister"

"It feels a bit vulnerable admitting this to strangers, but I always cry after a rescue. Always. 

"The gravity of the hurt, pain, sorrow, hope, and resilience of the 400 plus people we safely transported to Italy over the last 72 hours overwhelms me."

In our latest episode of Everday Emergency, we meet Courtney Bercan - an MSF nurse who worked on one of our search and rescue ships in the Mediterranean.

* Please be advised that this episode deals with sensitive issues relating to sexual violence and may be unsuitable for some listeners. 

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After first learning about MSF, Courtney, from Canada, embarked on a nursing degree in the hopes of working with us.

That dream was eventually realised when she was sent on her first assignment to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Then, last year, Courtney took a position as a nurse on board our search and rescue vessel, the Dignity 1.

In this episode we hear a blog post written by Courtney while on board about a patient whose story still haunts her.  

We invited Courtney to sit down with us and discuss her time on the ship, and how the stories of the people she's met affected her. 

Read the original post below.

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