MSF month in focus October 2018
30 Nov 18 06 Dec 18

MSF Month in Focus: November 2018

Take a look at our work around the world this November.

Responding to outbreaks of infectious and deadly diseases is at the core of MSF’s work.

Epidemics can occur for any number of complex reasons. However, the link between conflict and disease is a vital issue.

Wars weaken collective immune systems and damage healthcare infrastructure, they also make it harder for medical teams to reach patients cut-off by the violence.

From WW1 to Yemen and the current Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), this month we’re focusing on the impact of conflict on healthcare.

How wars damage a nation’s immune system

During the closing months of the First World War, the “Spanish Flu” ravaged weakened soldiers and civilians, eventually claiming more lives than both World Wars combined.

Narrated by Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent, this short animation looks at the modern history of conflict and healthcare, as well as MSF’s work to reach patients in need.

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“I survived Ebola, now I work to help other patients”

The ongoing Ebola outbreak in DRC is playing-out in the conflict-stricken province of North Kivu. So far, there have been more than 300 cases, with almost 200 people dying from the virus.

Aline, a mother of four from the town of Mangina, caught Ebola after her own mother died from the disease. Now, she works alongside MSF to support people still going through treatment.

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Treating the human impact of Ebola

In the second of our videos from the fight against Ebola in DRC, we meet French doctor Emmanuel Berbain at MSF’s Ebola Treatment Centre in Mangina.

He talks us through dealing with the emotional toll that the disease takes on both patients and staff alike, including the only time it’s safe for MSF team members to hug each other.

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