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30 May 19 01 Jul 19

MSF Month in Focus: May 2019

From a remote river hospital in South Sudan to the frontline of trauma care in war-torn Yemen, take a look at our work around the world this month.

Snakebite: Locked out of life-saving care

Globally, 100,000 people are killed by venomous snakebites every year - 30,000 in Africa alone.

However, getting access to life-saving treatment remains a challenge. Victims in remote areas may have to travel for days to reach healthcare, while the expensive price of antivenom creates a dangerous barrier for many poorer patients.

We visit a hospital in Agok, South Sudan, where MSF treats around 300 snakebite patients a year.

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Syria: Bringing care to displaced people

Since the beginning of May 2019, bombing and shelling have intensified in northwest Syria, displacing more than 25,000 families (150,000 individuals) between 29 April and 5 May 2019.

Thousands of people have arrived in the northwest of Idlib governorate, where MSF mobile medical clinics have been assisting newly displaced families who have found refuge in makeshift camps.

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South Sudan: Inside a remote river hospital

Close to the Ethiopian border in South Sudan's Upper Nile region, MSF has started a project caring for people living in a remote and neglected area who have been affected by years of war and violence.

A new 30-bed hospital is now the only facility providing secondary healthcare to the estimated 100,000 people in Ulang town and the surrounding villages.

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Yemen: Treating trauma in Hodeidah

Every day, and especially at night, ground fighting erupts around Al Salakhana - an area in the Yemeni city of Hodeidah where an MSF hospital is located.

From road traffic accidents to war-wounds, follow our team as they treat the trauma suffered by the civilians of Al Salakhana. 

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