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MSF Month in Focus: March 2019

From the emergency response to Cyclone Idai to our work with refugees and migrants detained in EU camps, take a look at our work around the world this March. 

Cyclone Idai: MSF teams arrive in Mozambique

In the wake of Cyclone Idai, MSF teams are providing emergency medical assistance to people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi affected by the devastation and flooding.

We are also working to deliver vital medical supplies, plus water and sanitation, to people in badly-hit areas.

The full scale of the disaster is still unknown, however, officials have said they expect the death toll to be in the thousands.

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Unsafe abortion: A forgotten emergency

Around the world, fewer women and girls are dying during pregnancy or as a result of childbirth. However, Unsafe abortion - a leading but preventable cause of maternal mortality - has been largely forgotten.

For International Women's Day 2019, we explore this hidden healthcare issue that kills more than 22,000 women and girls every year, as well as the work we're doing to improve health education and access to care for the most vulnerable.

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Ray of hope: Surviving SGBV

Kamla was hopeless, suffering from suicidal thoughts after 15 years of prolonged physical and sexual abuse.

That is until she arrived at Umeed ki Kiran - or "Ray of Hope" - clinic in India, where our staff helped begin to heal her psychological wounds.

Learn about our work to support victims of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) who would otherwise have limited access to care.

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The EU-Turkey deal: Three years on

Three years on from the "EU-Turkey deal" - an agreement to control the crossing of refugees and migrants into Europe - MSF is calling on European leaders to take action to end the harmful policy of containment in Greek island "hotspots".

The deal has trapped thousands of men, women and children in overcrowded, unsanitary, unsafe and degrading conditions with little access to basic health services, resulting in the deterioration of their health and wellbeing.

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