Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has developed two new teaching and learning resources for A level Biology, looking at cholera and tuberculosis (TB). This was made possible by a working group of teachers who kindly volunteered their time.

Cholera resources

This cholera resource above introduces students to the disease using video, text and an interactive cholera treatment centre. It is matched to the requirements of the A level Biology specifications, but could also be used with students studying Biology or Double Science at GCSE.

In the two PowerPoint presentations, students piece together data and information about the spread of cholera in mid-19th Century London in order to identify the source of the cholera outbreaks and learn how Snow's work informs public health today. 

Cholera presentations

The first presentation, 'Snow on cholera' is a problem solving and data handling activity. It is adapted from a data handling exercise developed by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. It introduces students to epidemiology and and Dr John Snow's seminal cholera investigation.

The second presentation, 'Cholera today' is a participatory exercise offering a real world perspective of the biology, epidemiology, prevention and treatment of cholera.

For ease of use the two resources are presented with and without answers.

Snow on cholera

Cholera today



Download 'Snow on cholera' without answers

Download 'Cholera today' without answers

TB resource

This teaching resource provides an overview of TB and drug resistant TB (DR-TB), including risk factors for developing TB, available vaccines and treatments and current research and development of both drugs and diagnostic tools.

Using authoritative and recent data from the UK Government, World Health Organisation, The Lancet and MSF reports, students participate in a data handling activity which focuses largely on the prevalence of TB in the UK, with a focus on London.

The answers to questions are provided for ease of use by teachers. This multi media resource has been prepared with the guidance of a working group of biology teachers and is informed by the 2015 specifications of AQA, OCR and Pearson Edexcel with particular emphasis on the increased mathematical demands.

TB data handling PowerPoint presentation for A level Biology students

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