Bedouin village in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Under threat of being removed from their current home, the Bedouin community in the east of Jerusalem are growing increasingly anxious. MSF is working to alleviate the burden of psychlogical problems amid continued tensions in the area.

PRESS RELEASE: In our new report 'Out of Step' MSF has highlighted critical gaps in care for drug resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) which is fuelling a worldwide public health crisis.

After a two year treatment Gibson Chijaka from Zimbabwe won the battle against DR-TB but lost two years of school life because of his medication.

After two years of treatment that included daily injections and nauseating pills, MSF has helped Gibson Chijaka overcome drug resistant tuberculosis.

Forced quarantine of asymptomatic health workers returning from fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is not grounded on scientific evidence and could undermine efforts to curb the epidemic at its source.

Donka Ebola treatment centre in Conakry, Guinea.

PRESS RELEASE: MSF confirmed today that one of its international staff members who recently returned from Guinea has tested positive for Ebola haemorrhagic fever.

Kailahun Ebola Sierra Leone 2014

We have put in place stringent protocols to protect our staff from exposure to the Ebola virus and to monitor the health of returning staff. Read more about the protocols here.

Kollie James in Foya is the 1000st Ebola survivor

Amidst all the loss and suffering, there are several stories of survival. Today, out of all the patients cared for in MSF’s projects in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, we celebrate the one thousandth survivor.

Silje contracted Ebola while working for MSF in Sierra Leone. She began to show symptoms on 4th October and was flown home to Norway. Today, she was discharged after recovering from the virus.


This month we look at the response to the Ebola outbreak, the escape of our colleague in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the aftermath of the conflict in Gaza, and at the psychological and physical well being of refugees in Ethiopia and Uganda and those from Syria.

Iraq - Medical care for those displaced by fighting in areas between Dohuk and Mosul

PRESS RELEASE: Intense shelling and aerial assaults in northern and central Iraq have hit hospitals and other medical facilities, some supported by MSF, depriving civilians of much needed medical care.

Follow three MSF doctors as they patch-up the wounded and attempt to save lives during a 12-hour shift in the emergency department of Al Shifa hospital in Gaza.

HIV care in Myanmar

PRESS RELEASE: For the first time patients in Myanmar have begun to receive treatment for CMV retinitis, a neglected opportunistic disease associated with HIV/AIDS.

Sarah Woznick is a specialist intensive care nurse. She was due to leave the mission in Gaza the day after operation “Protective Edge” began. She decided to stay on to help provide medical care.

Viral Load

PRESS RELEASE: High prices continue to represent a major barrier to affordable access of both new HIV medicines and viral load testing – which is the best way to monitor whether treatment is working – according to two reports released today.

Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip, the majority of the dead and wounded in Gaza are civilians and medical workers are also coming under fire

Iraq - Medical care for those displaced by fighting in areas between Dohuk and Mosul

With the resurgence of violence in Iraq, an increasingly desperate situation is proving challenging for MSF and local healthcare staff.

MSF has scaled up its medical response after the five-hour ceasefire ended and an Israeli ground offensive began on 17th July.

 South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

PRESS RELEASE: MSF aims to vaccinate around 10,000 South Sudanese children living as refugees in northern Uganda. The vaccines will provide protection against two of the main causes of respiratory infection in children.

Ane Bjøru Fjeldsæter is a psychologist from Norway. For the past month, she has been working for MSF in Sierra Leone helping to fight an outbreak of Ebola that has already killed more than 500 people across three countries.