We take a look at five diseases with the potential to become epidemics in 2016.


Teresa Sancristoval, head of MSF's emergency desk, discusses the 10 January attack on Shiara hospital in northern Yemen.


The war in Yemen is being fought with total disregard for the rules of war, according to MSF, which has seen three of its health facilities in Yemen come under attack in the last three months.


At around 4pm local time on 21 January, the ambulance service of the MSF-supported Al Gomhoury Hospital in Saada governorate, Yemen, was hit by an airstrike, killing one Ministry of Health staff member.


After five months of intense negotiations MSF succeeds in delivering medical aid into the besieged area of Taiz, Yemen.


MSF denounced the European Union’s catastrophic failure to respond to the humanitarian needs of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Europe in 2015 in a new report released today.


As Liberia today celebrates 42 days without any new Ebola infections - effectively marking the end of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, MSF calls on the global health community to draw on lessons learnt in order to be better prepared for future similar outbreaks.


We have been granted permission to set up a new camp in northern France for 2,500 people currently stranded in appalling conditions at an informal site in Grande Synthe, near Dunkirk.


Five years of unrelenting violence in Syria has left thousands of ordinary men, women and children with devastating injuries, yet unable to get the specialist medical care they need in Syria’s overwhelmed field hospitals.


An MSF-supported hospital has been hit in Northern Yemen causing at least four deaths, injuring 10 people and leading to the collapse of several buildings within the medical facility.