MSF has filed a ‘patent opposition’ in India to prevent US pharmaceutical company Pfizer from getting a patent on the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, so more affordable versions can become available to developing countries and humanitarian organisations.


A day in the life of Jeanine, a Congolese woman who lives in an internally displaced people camp with her daughters.

Smoke billows over shelled and destroyed buildings in the Saif al Dawle district of Aleppo. 2nd October 2012.

A shocking report from an MSF-supported doctor in a suburb of Damascus, Syria.


MSF strongly condemns the looting of its medical centre in Pibor, South Sudan which occurred during and after heavy fighting from February 23 to 25, which also destroyed large sections of the town.


The attack in the Malakal protection of civilians site on February 17 and 18 is another horrifying instance of brutality in a two year conflict

Michael Shek in the Bentiu camp in South Sudan

A nurse from Dumfries reports on his six months at Bentiu camp in South Sudan where people have fled for protection from the violence engulfing the country.


A new MSF report uncovers the gaps in services and systems in Papua New Guinea, trapping women and children in cycles of severe family and sexual violence.

Robert and a member of the logistics team admire the foundations of the new hospital in Bossangoa.

MSF logistician Robert Malies describes what it's like to build a hospital in the midst of a brutal war.


This month we look at Yemen, Syria, Mauritania, Pakistan, burn patients and Migration.


A logistics team leader talks to us about his experience of working with refugees and internally displaced people in Iraq.