Interview with Pascal Piquet, MSF logistician in Gueckedou, Guinea. He is part of an MSF team responding to the Ebola outbreak.

Eighteen-year-old Rose is the first patient to be cured and allowed to leave the medical ward in Guéckédou.

IDP Camp Tomping, Juba, South Sudan

PRESS RELEASE: In a shocking display of indifference, senior United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) officials have refused to improve living conditions for 21,000 displaced people living in a flood-prone part of a UN compound, exposed to waterborne diseases and potential epidemics.

During the Rwandan genocide, Rachel Kiddell-Monroe was a head of mission for MSF in Democratic Republic of Congo. Here, she recounts her experiences during the atrocities that claimed more than 800,000 lives.


Visit MSF projects around the world and see what we do. This month we look to Guinea, Central African Republic, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cambodia as well as looking back on the Rwandan genocide.

Ethiopia returnees 2013

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia deports ‘illegal’ foreign workers, 154,837 people have arrived in Ethiopia. They are returning home, either by force or voluntarily. MSF is providing medical and psychological care to people traumatised by their experiences.

South Sudan - Awerial camp in Lakes

PRESS RELEASE: MSF strongly condemns the looting of its facilities yesterday in Bentiu, South Sudan. This looting jeopardises our operations in the area and endangers the humanitarian response to the ongoing violence.

A week after five international staff members were taken from an MSF house in northern Syria on the evening of 2nd January, 2014, MSF continues to put all efforts toward securing their safe return.

Clashes between Mai-Mai militias and governmental forces have been rocking the area around Shamwana, Katanga province since November. MSF calls on armed groups in Katanga province to respect and ensure the safety of civilians and allow them to access the healthcare that they need.

South Sudan - Awerial camp in Lakes

Every day, boatloads of people fleeing violence arrive at Awerial, on the west bank of the Nile. Mostly women and children, they carry the few belongings they can salvage from their homes in Bor, the capital of neighbouring Jonglei state.

Camp Mpoko, measles vaccination

MSF is vaccinating 68,000 children against measles in camps across the capital of Central African Republic to prevent an outbreak.

Three weeks of fighting raging throughout much of South Sudan are having increasingly serious consequences for the country’s people, says MSF.

Premature baby goes home on Christmas Day

Angel Corate gave birth to baby Janel on 16th December by Caesarean section. She underwent this lifesaving operation, and she and Janel received ongoing care, at the maternity ward and newborn unit in MSF's inflatable hospital in Tacloban.

Bangui Airport, Central African Republic

Despite the presence of international armed forces in the capital of Central African Republic, fighting, lynchings and violent attacks are still a daily occurrence in Bangui and the situation in the city appears to be out of control.

Tens of thousands of South Sudanese have arrived in Awerial, in Lakes state, after fleeing violence in Bor. With thousands more people arriving each day, living conditions are verging on the catastrophic and there is an urgent need for increased medical and humanitarian assistance.