• Refugees from CAR seek shelter in DRC

    Thousands of refugees who have fled violence in Central African Republic are now struggling to survive in desperate conditions in Equateur province, northern Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Clinical Trials in Guéckédou, Guinea

    French research institute INSERM have released the initial results of a clinical trial of the experimental drug favipiravir, stating that it reduces mortality among patients with low levels of infection, but is ineffective for those with high viral loads.

  • Migrant Route Augusta Italy 2014

    Opinion and Debate: The Egyptian Ambassador to the UK has warned Britain that ‘boats full of terrorists’ will enter Europe if action is not taken against the Islamic State in Libya. But this politically expedient argument is as disingenuous as it is dangerous, argues Jonathan Whittall.

  • Asylum seeker in Serbia, JAN 2015

    Photostory: Migrating refugees in Serbia receive limited assistance because of the failure of the system to provide protection to most of them. The following is a glimpse into the lives of refugees in Subotica, Serbia.

  • Take a look at our work around the world and see what we really do. This month we focus on Sierra Leone, Malawi and Ukraine. We also take a look at Ebola clinical trials, we hear from Dr Nathalie Roberts - who has coordinated medical teams in Syria from outside the country, and we look at a displaced people's camp in Pakistan.

  • Conflict effect on population. Donetsk region, Ukraine JAN 2015

    The industrial city of Gorlovka in eastern Ukraine has been under constant shelling, its hospitals are overwhelmed with the wounded, and medical supplies have run out, leaving doctors to stitch up patients with fishing line. MSF surgeon Michael Roesch describes what he's witnessed since arriving in Ukraine.




Jackson K.P. Naimah, Médecins Sans Frontières, Monrovia, Liberia, statement to the UN Security Council, 18/09/2014

MSF team leader in Monrovia, Jackson K.P. Naimah, addresses a UN Security Council Emergency Session on Ebola.


This month we look at the response to the Ebola outbreak, the escape of our colleague in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the aftermath of the conflict in Gaza, and at the psychological and physical well being of refugees in Ethiopia and Uganda and those from Syria.


Opinion and Debate: Jonathan Whittall airs his concerns about the impartiality of humanitarian organisations working in Ukraine. "If humanitarian actors collaborate with only one party to the conflict this means that thousands risk not receiving the aid that they need."


MSF confirms that one of its international staff members in Liberia has been diagnosed with Ebola haemorrhagic fever.


MSF teams are running mobile clinics in Central African Republic to reach villagers, many of whom are still living in the bush too fearful to return to their homes.


The world must act now to fight Ebola or many more people will die, the MSF International President, Joanne Liu, told the UN today - two weeks after member states failed to respond to her powerful speech in New York. Read the full text of the speech.


An estimated 2,100 babies are born in Domeez camp each year. MSF saw the need for a dedicated maternity unit in the camp, which was opened in August this year and is staffed by Syrian refugees.


Eleven-year-old Mamadee defies all odds to overcome Ebola in our case management centre in Foya, Liberia.


In the rural Gutu district of Zimbabwe, teams from MSF and the ministry of Health scour the countryside in search of those who need to be initiated on treatment.


As part of its ongoing strategy to combat malaria in Chad MSF has launched a third round of seasonal malaria chemoprevention in areas where malaria is the leading cause of mortality for children under five.