"Nobody risks their life for a bigger TV": Eye-witnesses from MSF search and rescue operations on the Mediterranean. Over 11,400 people helped in first 100 days.


In Al Dhale medical staff are struggling to keep hospitals running in the face of fighting, bombing raids and desperate shortages of medicine and fuel.


Two weeks after severe flooding affected an estimated one million people across Myanmar, MSF is assisting with the immediate needs of those directly affected by flooding.


Take a look at our work around the world and see what we really do. This month we focus on Ebola, Lebanon, Tanzania, Malawi, antivenom serums and Yemen.


PRESS RELEASE: MSF denounces air strikes on hospitals in Syria which lead to 11 deaths and 31 wounded.


Spikes in malaria across South Sudan are raising the possibility of exceptionally high numbers of cases and preventable deaths unless urgent action is taken in the most high-risk areas.


Testimonies from a boat carrying 600 people that capsized in the Mediterranean.

MSF UK's Vickie Hawkins in Lesbos stands by lifejackets left on the shore by newly-arrived refugees

Opinion and Debate: Vickie Hawkins, the MSF UK Executive Director, witnesses the arrival of migrants in Greece and calls on Europe to live up to its values: "The least we could do is treat those who arrive on our shores with some humanity".


Dr Tammam Aloudat, Deputy Medical Director at MSF, recently visited Ibb to assess the health needs of people in the community. He found what he witnessed shocking.


More than 7,000 refugees, asylum seekers and migrants arrived on Kos over the month of July - a two-fold increase compared to June - turning a dire situation from bad to worse.