While Ebola survivors are relieved to have defeated the deadly virus, some face other debilitating symptoms of the so called 'post-Ebola syndrome'. MSF runs two Ebola survivor clinics in Sierra Leone and Liberia to ensure that patients are not left to cope alone.


Dr Ali Dahi is working for MSF in Ad Dhale, an area in the south of Yemen that continues to see battles in towns and aerial bombardment as Houthi forces push southwards. Many people needing lifesaving medical assistance cannot reach it in time due to the violence.

Migrants are picked up and taken to the MY Phoenix, the boat on which the MSF team will work.

MSF and Migrant Offshore Aid Station announced today that they will launch a joint search, rescue and medical aid operation in the central Mediterranean between Africa and Europe.


PRESS RELEASE: More and more Syrians fleeing war and violence are now using the east Mediterranean Sea route to reach Europe, resulting an unprecedented number of refugees arriving in Greece’s Dodecanese islands.

The shipment of 1.7 tonnes of supplies arrives in Aden from Djibouti.

The first boat organised by MSF carrying 1.7 tonnes of urgently needed medical supplies for the MSF hospital in Aden successfully docked in the city today.

 Brima Vandi is an MSF nurse from Sierra Leone who played an instrumental role in helping to rehabilitate and support the Bor State hospital in June 2014.

Brima Vandi is a nurse from Sierra Leone. He was part of the very first MSF team that started working to restore Bor State Hospital in South Sudan after it was destroyed during the conflict that erupted in 2013.


More than 600 wounded people have been treated at MSF's emergency surgical unit in Aden, Yemen, since clashes erupted on 19 March. Here, nurse Anees and pharmacist Liqa speak of their experiences in Aden since the clashes began.


MSF recently published evidence from its community-based management of acute malnutrition programme in Bihar, India, which revealed that it has successfully achieved a cure rate of 88.4 percent among severely acute malnourished children who completed their treatment.

MSF is treating minor injuries at Garissa airport where hundreds spent the night before being evacuated.

Dr Bashir Abdiweli is the medical team leader who coordinated MSF’s response to the Garissa University attacks. He arrived on 2 April with MSF’s medical team in the aftermath of the attack, to support the Garissa Hospital team in the treatment of casualties.


As violence in Yemen escalates, more medical supplies and trained health personnel are urgently needed. However, recent heavy restrictions on sea and airports are making this impossible.