Donka Ebola treatment centre in Conakry, Guinea.

PRESS RELEASE: MSF confirmed today that one of its international staff members who recently returned from Guinea has tested positive for Ebola haemorrhagic fever.

Kailahun Ebola Sierra Leone 2014

We have put in place stringent protocols to protect our staff from exposure to the Ebola virus and to monitor the health of returning staff. Read more about the protocols here.

Kollie James in Foya is the 1000st Ebola survivor

Amidst all the loss and suffering, there are several stories of survival. Today, out of all the patients cared for in MSF’s projects in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, we celebrate the one thousandth survivor.

Silje contracted Ebola while working for MSF in Sierra Leone. She began to show symptoms on 4th October and was flown home to Norway. Today, she was discharged after recovering from the virus.


This month we look at the response to the Ebola outbreak, the escape of our colleague in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the aftermath of the conflict in Gaza, and at the psychological and physical well being of refugees in Ethiopia and Uganda and those from Syria.

Dr Luis Encinas is an MSF emergency coordinator and was working with our team in Macenta, southeastern Guinea during the Ebola outbreak. Here, he describes an afternoon spent in the isolation ward set up by MSF.

PRESS RELEASE: Following the massacre in Boguila and abuses against civilians, MSF reduces medical activities in the Central African Republic (CAR) and related projects in neighbouring countries.

Although recent days have seen fewer Ebola patients in Guinea the outbreak is not over and full teams remain in place to deal with a spike in new cases.

South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia’s Gambella region, Lietchuor camp

In April 2014, an estimated 90,000 people from South Sudan had settled in Ethiopia’s Gambella region. In Lietchuor camp, MSF has set up an in-patient department with an intensive therapeutic feeding centre, an out-patient department and a maternity ward.

Mozambique Viral Load

MSF introduced viral load monitoring in Mozambique last year, the gold standard of care for HIV patients.

Iraq Stories

Orthopedic surgeon Dr Ali Al-Ani describes his work in MSF's reconstructive surgery project in Amman. "I feel proud that this project has relieved the suffering of so many patients especially as those who are referred here may not be able to afford such care otherwise."

Iraq: NFI distribution to people displaced by violence from Anbar province

Despite a very volatile security situation in Tikrit, an MSF team is providing the displaced people gathered there with relief items and assessing their medical needs.

Sixteen civilians, including three national staff members with MSF, were killed during an armed robbery on MSF hospital grounds in the northern town of Boguila, in the Central African Republic on Saturday afternoon.

PRESS RELEASE: MSF condemns the unspeakable acts of violence in Bentiu during and after a major battle on 15th April. Tens of thousands of people have had to flee to UNMISS camps for safety, where they now face life-threatening living conditions.

PCV Vaccination Campaign in Yida Camp

Reliance on cold chain means more than 22 million children worldwide did not complete their vaccinations in 2012