Map of Madaya, on the outskirts of Damascus

Around 20,000 residents in Madaya are facing life-threatening deprivation of the basics for survival, and 23 patients in the health centre supported by MSF have died of starvation since 1 December.


A malaria drug may have reduced the risk of dying among a group of Ebola patients in Liberia during the height of the outbreak in 2014.


After eight months at sea, 20,129 people rescued, and over 120 separate search and rescue operations, MSF's remaining search and rescue ship returned to port for the last time in 2015 on 30 December.


During five months in Yemen as MSF’s emergency medical coordinator, Celine Langlois was astonished by people’s ability to get on with daily life amidst airstrikes and a desperate fuel and water crisis.


This month we focus on the Palestinian Territories, Afghanistan, France, South Sudan and Migration.


MSF emergency coordinator Karline Kleijer is just back from three weeks in Yemen, where conflict has been raging for eight months.

Top MSF blogs of 2015

This year we’ve had over 200 blog posts from 30 countries. Doctors, nurses, logisticians, pharmacists and many more have shared their stories, thoughts and MSF lives with us.


Yesterday (16 Dec) a boat carrying around 85 people capsized off the northern shores of Lesbos leading to the death of at least two people, including a nine month old child and an 80-year-old man.

Dr. Marwan © Ikram Ngadi

The story of a Syrian former MSF doctor who fled his home country after being threatened by ISIS.


Two years after conflict broke out in South Sudan, the humanitarian situation in Unity state is at an all-time low with many reports of rape and murder.