MSF doctor Tim Jagatic talks about the stigma associated with Ebola and whether or not it could spread beyond West Africa.

Opinion and Debate: The EU commissioner might be right about the 'new normal', but it isn't a reason to lose focus on saving lives argues Michiel Hofman.

Iraq - Medical care for those displaced by fighting in areas between Dohuk and Mosul

PRESS RELEASE: Intense shelling and aerial assaults in northern and central Iraq have hit hospitals and other medical facilities, some supported by MSF, depriving civilians of much needed medical care.

Follow three MSF doctors as they patch-up the wounded and attempt to save lives during a 12-hour shift in the emergency department of Al Shifa hospital in Gaza.

Sarah Woznick is a specialist intensive care nurse. She was due to leave the mission in Gaza the day after operation “Protective Edge” began. She decided to stay on to help provide medical care.


Visit our projects around the world and see what we really do. This month we look to the resurgence of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, people displaced by the conflict in Central African Republic, our four missing colleagues in Democratic Republic of Congo, donating blood in Mali and migrants in Mexico.

Opinion and Debate: Jonathan Whittall argues that "no country with a McDonalds has ever rejected humanitarianism on ideological grounds"

IDPs in Bossangoa

Opinion and Debate: Arjan Hehenkamp and Sean Healy discuss how INGOs must ensure the direct provision of assistance during crisis

Kunduz, northern Afghanistan, December 2011

Opinion and Debate: Jonathan Whittall, Dr Mit Philips and Michiel Hofman discuss 'resilience' - a new buzzword of a floundering aid system, but the concept of ‘building resilience’ is often at odds with a core humanitarian approach to crises taken by MSF.

MSF armed guards

Opinion and Debate: Senior Humanitarian Specialist Michiel Hofman argues that the 'responsibility to protect' doctrine has made it very difficult for independent aid agencies to explain that their actions are not a part of a military-humanitarian enterprise.

Opinion and Debate: Senior Humanitarian Specialist Michiel Hofman explains why expatriates can be a handy scapegoat in the field.

Violence in CAR. Bangui

Opinion and Debate: MSF General Director Arjan Hehenkamp on why the UN-led aid system has proved too too little too late for the people of CAR.

Juba displaced camp clinic 2014 JAN

Interview with Forbes Sharp, MSF’s Emergency Coordinator in Juba, where 40,000 people have sought refuge in two camps following violence that erupted in the city: "Such crowded conditions are a ticking time bomb".

Patient story in Bangui community hospital

The story of Dorassio, whose arm was amputated after he was shot in Bouar, Central African Republic. Despite his condition, he says he will learn to write with his other hand to realise his dream of becoming a writer.

DRC Mweso North Kivu July 2011

Months of conflict between armed groups in the province of North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, have exposed civilians to extreme levels of violence. Many people have sustained life-threatening injuries, lost family members in the fighting, and have been forced to flee their homes.

Opinion and Debate: In the wake of the Scarlett Johannson-SodaStream-Oxfam imbroglio, Jonathan Whittall, Head of Humanitarian Analysis, looks at the relationship between politics and aid.