The bombing of an Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)-supported Al Quds hospital in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, has killed at least 14 people, including at least two doctors.

According to hospital staff on the ground, the hospital was destroyed by at least one airstrike which directly hit the building on Wednesday night, reducing it to rubble. Other airstrikes in the neighbourhood also hit areas close to the hospital.


MSF has today delivered a petition of almost 400,000 signatories to GlaxoSmithKline's headquarters in London.


While visiting Dasht-e-Barchi to give birth to her fourth child, 28 year-old Zainab faced a potentially life-threatening postpartum haemorrhage...


MSF announced this weekend that it has resumed search, rescue and medical aid operations in the central Mediterranean Sea and conducted its first operation of 2016.

The MSF team assesses Minami-aso village, Kumamoto prefecture, in the aftermath of the earthquake.

As of 20 April, 103,000 people have been displaced in Kumamoto and around 600 in Oita prefectures.

The first MSF teams to reach affected areas of Ecuador

Concha Fernández is the project coordinator for two of the MSF teams currently responding to medical needs in Ecuador following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake. According to the latest official figures, 525 people were killed in the earthquake.


Beliefs that HIV is a death sentence and that it mostly affects gay men are just plain wrong.


Opinion and Debate: Sean Healy, Access Adviser for Médecins Sans Frontières Operational Centre Amsterdam responds to the new report "Time to let go: Remaking humanitarian action for the modern era" by the Overseas Development Institute and Humanitarian Policy Group.


100,000 people trapped in a critical situation between an active Islamic State group frontline, Kurdish-controlled territories and the Turkish border.


A cholera vaccination campaign targeting 578,000 people is underway in Lusaka, Zambia.