Kailahun, Sierra Leone

Despite the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring the largest-recorded Ebola epidemic a “health emergency,” the international effort to stem the outbreak is dangerously inadequate.

Central African Republic, May / June 2013 - 56 photos, 3 web clips, 1 b-roll

Batangafo, in northern Central African Republic, tries to regain normality after intense fighting between Seleka militias and Sangaris forces last week.

Iraq-IDPs from Sinjar District

Over 200,000 people have fled heavy fighting between the Islamic State (IS) and Kurdish forces in Iraq. Our teams are providing medical aid and emergency supplies.

Iraq-IDPs from Sinjar District

Eleven days after militants from the Islamic State group stormed the district of Sinjar in Ninewa governorate, Iraq, a constant stream of thousands of exhausted people are crossing into Syria every day.

Michele Beck, a medical referent with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), took advantage of the truce to go to the north of the Gaza strip, severely damaged during the war.

Refugees Camp Flood Bentiu South Sudan

In South Sudan, 40,000 people are crowded into a flooded United Nations compound in Bentiu. Living conditions are horrific but it is the only refuge they have from the civil war that broke out last December.

07Mexico migration june 2014 (7)

For the migrants crossing Mexico, the route to the US is beset with obstacles, violence and anxiety

Palestine: Occupied Minds

MSF psychologist Melanie Kerloc’h describes the effects of unremitting violence on ordinary Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank.

Cokie van der Velde, a sanitation specialist with MSF has been helping to combat Ebola in Liberia and Guinea. On Friday she returned to her home in Yorkshire. Here she describes her last day of work in the isolation zone.


Visit our projects around the world and see what we really do. This month we look to the resurgence of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, people displaced by the conflict in Central African Republic, our four missing colleagues in Democratic Republic of Congo, donating blood in Mali and migrants in Mexico.

MSF clinic for IDPs in Baharka Camp, Iraq Kurdistan

MSF was the first medical actor to arrive at Baharka camp, located near Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. On the 12th August MSF set-up a mobile clinic and since then the team of two doctors and one nurse have made over 400 consultations. Here are just a few of the stories from patients visiting the clinic.

MSF treats DR-TB cases

MSF UKs Emma Vehvilainen argues that whilst the west worries about Ebola, many are ignoring a far bigger threat to their health, that deserves far greater attention.

The MSF team based in the General Hospital have received 31 wounded in a single day and are working hard to deal with the high influx of patients.

MSF post-op clinic in Gaza City

Mego Terzian argues that Gaza cannot rebuild and repair until the State of Israel's blockade is lifted, and considers if MSF's alleviation of some of the consequences of the blockade amounts to complicity in it.

Now in its fourth year, the war in Syria has killed more than 150,000 people and driven more than nine million from their homes, nearly a third of whom have fled the country. Reach of War chronicals a day in the Syria conflict.

Vaccination measles Kalonge (DRC)

PRESS RELEASE: MSF has been forced to interrupt a measles vaccination campaign in the Kalonge area in the eastern DRC after a clash erupted between Congolese Army troops and an armed group.

Philippines Delat Wood Hospital 2014

It has been nine months since Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines and MSF started its intervention in the country.

MSF responds to the WHO declaring the EBola epidemic an "extraordinary event". MSF's Dr Bart Janssens says "Lives are being lost because the response is too slow"

Michele Beck, a medical referent with MSF, is in Gaza City. "I don't know how long we can keep going at this rate. The people here are exhausted," says Michele.

West Bank July 2014

PRESS RELEASE: As the Israeli offensive continues in Gaza, clashes in the West Bank, on top of several weeks of raids and arrests by Israeli forces, are taking a heavy toll on the already fragile psychological wellbeing of Palestinians.