Calls by Kenyan officials to close Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya within three months and forcibly return residents to Somalia would have dramatic and life-threatening consequences for hundreds of thousands of people, warns MSF.


Twenty-year-old Umaru recovered from Ebola in late February at MSF’s Ebola management centre in Freetown, Sierra Leone. He has come to MSF’s survivor clinic each week since then.


Thirty people injured in airstrikes in Huth district on Wednesday night have been treated at Al- Salam Hospital, which MSF runs in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in the town of Khamer, Amran governorate.

While MSF is widely recognised as the first organisation to respond to the Ebola crisis in west Africa, their response was not free from criticism.

Bertrand Taithe, Juliano Fiori and Michaël Neuman discuss the important role of constructive criticism in the future of humanitarian assistance.


War and protracted crises in Syria have forced an unprecedented number of people to take the sea to reach Europe. The mass displacement of people from Syria will be remembered as the largest in recent history, but Europe will be remembered for how little it did to assist the now 3.8 million refugees.


MSF is beginning an emergency intervention in Central African Republic (CAR) to provide medical care to thousands of people seeking refuge in Kouango and surrounding areas.


Hellen Morris is an Ebola survivor in Liberia who lost her husband and seven of his family members to the deadly disease in August 2014.


While Ebola survivors are relieved to have defeated the deadly virus, some face other debilitating symptoms of the so called 'post-Ebola syndrome'. MSF runs two Ebola survivor clinics in Sierra Leone and Liberia to ensure that patients are not left to cope alone.


Dr Ali Dahi is working for MSF in Ad Dhale, an area in the south of Yemen that continues to see battles in towns and aerial bombardment as Houthi forces push southwards. Many people needing lifesaving medical assistance cannot reach it in time due to the violence.

Migrants are picked up and taken to the MY Phoenix, the boat on which the MSF team will work.

MSF and Migrant Offshore Aid Station announced today that they will launch a joint search, rescue and medical aid operation in the central Mediterranean between Africa and Europe.