MSF Scientific Day was broadcast live online from the Royal Society of Medicine on 23rd May 2014. It was watched by more than 2,200 people from 102 countries across the world.  Read our snapshot of the day to find out more.

From here you can view all the day's presentations, posters and speaker biographies. We've broken down the day into each of the sessions so you can go straight to the part that you want to watch.

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Session one  

HIV and TB: testing strategies and treatment outcomes

Chair: Nathan Ford (WHO)

Presenters: Mathieu Bastard (Epicentre), Lynne Wilkinson (MSF), Helen Bygrave (MSF), Lucy Anne Parker (MSF)


Session two and panel discussion

Research in settings of emergencies, violence and conflict

Chair: Paul Spiegel (UNHCR)

Presenters: Cecilia Ferreyra (MSF), Meggy Verputten (MSF), Syed Imran Ali (University of California)

Panel discussion: Paul Spiegel (UNHCR), Francesco Checchi (Save the Children), Lauren Cooney (MSF), Rebecca Grais (Epicentre), Sidney Wong (MSF)


Lunch session 

Technological innovation in humanitarian programmes

Chair: Ruby Siddiqui (MSF)

Presenters: Laurent Bonnardot (MSF), Ivan Gayton (MSF)


Keynote Speech 

The role of evidence in humanitarian decision making

Dr Jennifer Leaning, Director of the Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard University


Session three 

Outbreaks and eradication: reflection and examination

Chair: Philippe Guérin (Worldwide Antimalarial Resistance Network)

Presenters: Thomas Kratz (Berlin Institute for Tropical Medicine and Public Health), Armand Sprecher (MSF), Erin Schillberg (MSF), Jean-Marie Kindermans (MSF)


Session four 

Research for policy and treatment change

Chair: Unni Karunakara (Yale University)

Presenters: Ivan Gayton (MSF), Nines Lima (MSF), Saskia van der Kam (MSF), Daniel O'Brien (MSF), Marc Biot (MSF)


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