MSF fun run
The MSF Fun Run is all about enjoying yourself and raising vital funds for our work. We rely almost entirely on support from people like you; it is what gives us our neutrality and the flexibility to get quickly to the scene of a crisis and start saving lives. 

Your target

We are asking every runner to attempt to raise £100 each, but we think you could probably raise a lot more!

Your quick-start guide 

To help you get the most out of your fundraising, we’ve put together a step by step guide, with some useful tips to help you smash your target!

Step one: Getting started - Follow our step-by-step guide to launching a fundraising campaign.

Step two: Keep going - To help reach your fundraising target, see these useful tips and resources. 

Step Three: Finish strong - Bring in those last few donations with a nice email to thank your supporters (there's an example for you here).


Get started

Follow these seven steps to kick off your campaign.

1. Set up a JustGiving page
This will enable your friends to donate online and by text. Visit our JustGiving page to set up your own fundraising page. (If you would prefer to collect donations in person use our sponsorship form and ignore the next two steps).

2. Personalise your page as much as possible
Tell your story and the story of MSF on your JustGiving page and add photos and a video if you can.

3. Set an ambitious but realistic fundraising target
Then when you are approaching it, raise it gradually. This will encourage people to give a little more.

4. Ask close family and friends to make the first donations
Donations from generous family and friends will give your campaign a kickstart. Show them what their money could buy with this fact sheet.

5. Send your first email
To get started, use our draft email to tell your family, friends and colleagues why their support is so important. Remember to personalise the email as much as possible. Follow the link to send your first email.

6. Fundraising at school or at work?
We've also put together some ideas to help you fundraise at school or at work.

7. Tell the world about your campaign
Use your social networks to spread the word, with the help of these powerful images and Twitter and Facebook backgrounds. You can also find some great videos and posters in our resources section.


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Keep going

Use our tips to help spread the word and reach your fundraising target.

1. Send a follow-up email
People live busy lives and may need a reminder. We've written a draft email to help you get their attention.

2. Keep your community updated 
A status update reminds your friends why you are fundraising. Why not post a photo of your preparation for the big event?   

3. Struggling to hit your target?
If you’re building up to a big event you could plan some smaller fundraising activities alongside. Hosting a dinner party or holding a cake sale or raffle are great ways to raise money – and give you a chance to thank your friends for their support. 


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Finish strong

1. Thank your supporters
Up to 20 percent of donations come in after an event, so it’s really worth giving your campaign one last push. Thank your supporters and remind those who haven’t donated that their support will really make a difference. Here’s a nice email to do just that.

Finally thank you for all your hard work, effort and inspiration - we couldn't do our work without you!


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Fundraising resources

To help with your fundraising we've put together loads of online resources. We also have a limited number of stickers, collection boxes, leaflets and newsletters available. Please get in touch to order some.


Fundraising guidelines


Paying your money in

Any money you raise on JustGiving goes directly into our bank account, so you don’t need to do anything about that.

The easiest way to pay in any cash you collect is by banking it and sending a cheque made payable to ‘Médecins Sans Frontières; to:

Fun Run 2016
Lower Ground Floor
Chancery Exchange
10 Furnival Street

Please make sure you add a cover note with all your details explaining that this is to go towards your Fun Run total.

Alternatively, you can make a donation over the telephone by calling our office on 0207 404 6600.

Note: Please don’t send cash in the post.


Letters of Authorisation

If you need to prove that you are fundraising for MSF, (for example if you are planning a supermarket bag pack), we can send you a letter of authorisation saying you have permission to raise money in our name.  Please get in touch if one is required. 

Public Liability Insurance

We have an insurance policy that can cover small-scale community events. Copies of this policy can be sent out on demand. Note that the policy only covers non-hazardous events involving fewer than 500 people.



A small lottery such as a raffle or tombola is one contained within another entertainment, such as a bazaar or dinner dance. No registration is required but no cash prizes are allowed. A public lottery is one not restricted by membership or relation to another event and must be registered with the local authorities and have a promoter. Numerous other rules govern public lotteries, so we strongly recommend that you only organise small lotteries.


Public collections

An application for a street collection permit must be made far in advance. No children under the age of 16 are allowed to collect money in the street. To collect on private property, e.g. a supermarket, shopping centre or railway station, you will need permission from the owner or manager. You must inform MSF when you make an application in our name.

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